Monday, January 18, 2010


so the inevitable happened...I caught "the bug" AGAIN! Not as severe as Josh or as I had it before, thank goodness, but I am sick today and in the bed. I have caught up on some much needed rest but feel like I need to clean this house but my body just doesn't allow me to do so. :( UGH!! Shelby was "banished" to Mammy & Pappy's last night in a flicker so I didn't even get to say goodbye or goodnight or give her a hug :*(. I cried...a lot... I've enjoyed SOOO MUCH spending this entire weekend being with her and caring for her. I could get used to that! LOL...It was really tough seeing her go lat night. I guess my separation anxiety is still present on top of the other issues I'm dealing w/ in that area.

Yesterday I figured out how to use our new video camera and got some REALLY cute videos but, have no idea how to upload them. LOL... so Josh has to show me how to do that so look for videos to come to Bizzy Bs! Maybe I can do some tutorials! :)

I am soo thankful that construction on our playroom/Bizzy Bs nook, started today!! Not so happy about the sawing, banging and such waking me up but it was 11am that it woke me it was time to get my bones outta bed, even though I didn't b/c I felt like I was gonna thrwo up...anyway... these pics give you and idea of what room will look like! It's gonna be painted a light mustard-yellow and have chestnut wood floor molding and possibly a chair railing. Not sure about if we'll do crown molding or not...we may...All these ideas and pictures are thanks to my BFF, Nichole who I met online, we've never met in person, from Our girls are 8 days apart in age. Her little one, Cambry, is Shelby's BFF, they just don't know it. LOL.. they send each other pics to each other via anyhoo..she's AN AMAZINGLY TALENTED woman of God and has such a desire to be an Interior Decorater and we have promised each other that if we are EVER living near each other (She lives in Terre Haute, Indiana) we WILL open a Boutiue/Interior Decor store and live happily ever Here's her talents put to work..she has such an eye! She found all these images for me to get an idea and is guiding me through this process of a clean, new, blank canvas!

it's going to be soo fun! it's a combination of each pic so give me some input on what from each pic do you think is neat and something I should incorporate!
~God bless,


Burtons Blessings said...

How fun! (the playroom, i mean)
I would love to have a little room for myself and Boston!
If you figure out how to upload the videos, let me know! I can't figure it out either!
Hope you get to feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about me! :) I am so glad that you like the ideas! So thankful that we met :)

jill said...

sounds good!!! i LOVE that green and white wallpaper in the picture with the blue chair. can't wait to see what you do with it!

The Real Housewife of Bowie County said...

So are you going to paint your furniture in there turquoise. I think it would look way shabby chic since you're going with the yellow walls. How fun! I wish I had something like this to use as an art studio.