Friday, January 29, 2010

Playroom :) & :(

Well, Shelby is feeling some better today. I kept her home from Minnas again and took her out to Mammy's for the day to have her undivided attention and all. LOL.. her fever broke and she was acting more like herself when I left her this morning so we will see! Keep praying! And I'm feeling some better. The antibiotics are helping some I can tell :).
We also woke up to this:

In case you can't tell, those dark areas on the concrete is water from the MONSOON outside coming inside from underneath our new, just primed wall....yeahp.... so, the construction guys are "supposed" to come address the "issue" and HOPEFULLY solve the issue sometime soon. Until then... we are at a standstill. We do have an installed ceiling fan, primed & painted ceiling and primed walls, well that is until the water came in and HOPEFULLY DID NOT DAMAGE IT! So...who knows...
BUT, on the Up-side, my wonderful vinyl loving, designing sista from Wonderfully Wordy sent this via email to me this a.m. to brighten my day!(Click the Image to enlarge it so you can see the beautiful details of this wonderful piece of art!):

She already completed the vinyl wall-art design!! DO U SEE THE PINK BOW ON THE SHELBY BIRD?!! O M G..i about flipped out when I saw how adorable it is! I LOVE how whimsical and just adorable the whole thing is! It's also Shelley's very first time to do anything like this so I"m happy to say I have a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art! :) You know how I like originality! I cannot WAIT to get it in, and put it up...course, hoping that the wall will be painted it's lovely shade of "Whicker" which is actually a medium-toned khaki, and that there will be stained concrete WITHOUT water seeping on it.. :( lol...
Have a blessed day and check out Shelley's stuff and tell her Bizzy Bs sent ya! :)
~God bless u on this rainy or snowy or just plain NASTY weather day,

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God bless,

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