Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giveaway Comments

WOW!! Your comments are sooo original, creative and good guesses!!!! But, it's not Sunday yet so the revelation won't come until then, sorry....Maybe Monday depending on how busy I am trying to keep Shelby satisfied. She's teething really bad on top of her "almost ear infection"....
Keep the comments coming! Some of you are close... :) One of you in particular but...I may have to disqualify that person b/c I shared with her the finished product
Go here to see the giveaway post and leave a comment of your thought of what this is! :)
~God bless!!


RN Mama said...

Hi Bekah! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Ok, if you write your posts through blogger I can't answer your question about how to type things with the word/s crossed out. I type my posts using Windows Live Writer, and on that program the function of crossing the words out is right at the top near "bold" and "italics." So, if you use that program then I can help you:)

Hope your little ones teething gets better!

The Smith Family said...

Do NOT count me in... I just HAD to guess though! Couldn't help it!