Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking back

SO, yes, I KNOW I'm awful for not posting Shelby's first Christmas pics and video yet but ya know, when you work full-time, have a hobby that's turned into a side business, a house that doesn't clean itself, a sweet husband and an almost 7 month old....well... you that's all I have to say about that....but, in case you're wondering, Shelby's Christmas was MORE than amazing and she did not go without in ANY sense! It was so fun to see her expressions of, "Hmm, all this is really for me? WOW"
anyhoo... I haven't blogged in over a week or so and thought that I'd just reflect on the year. It was such a year of greatness and goodness from God. HE's the only one I can give credit to. From the infertility struggles, to getting pregnant, to the difficulty delivering Shelby, the growth He has made Bizzy Bs have from just something I enjoy to something that could possibly be soo much more than just a simple hobby and become a true witnessing tool for Him, to the loss and gain of family and relationships! What an AMAZING year! That's all I can say! I am in shock of how much He has blessed us in just 365 days. Looking back, I never dreamed my life would be as wonderful and blessed as it is today. It's not always easy, but it's not supposed to be. God gives us the good and the bad for growth. If we always had good in our lives then how would we learn and grow? The "not so good" (it's not bad b/c nothing God gives us is bad it's just "not so good" to us) was excrutiating and very painful this year but w/ that comes the mountain tops and His teachings and glory. I've learned this year that EVERYTHING He gives us is a blessing and EVERYTHING that He does is in HIS timing for a reason. I'm horrible and wanting things when I want them, even having Shelby. I wanted her to come ON HER DUE DATE and well... we all know how that ended up...if you don't know, go here to find out...haha... so that's just another time He showed His face to me and look at where we are now! She is more beautiful than I ever dreamed and the most amazing part of my life. Not only has He made me love someone so much that I'd do anything for but He's made me fall in love w/ Josh in a COMPLETELY different way I didn't know was even possible. I thought I loved him in every being of my heart and soul, until Shelby arrived. Now I love him w/ every being of my heart and soul. Seeing how he is with her and the look in his eyes would make even the FRIGID TEMPS ARKANSAS IS EXPERIENCING THIS WEEK shoot up to 90 degrees (LOL)!
I wanted to share some pics that highlight this past year of 2009 in my life...

May God bless you and your families as He has blessed us this year already in 2010!

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Kecia said...

The goodness of our Lord amazes me every day! We ara rejoicing with you dear sister!