Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Woot Woot! Our 1st Family Vacation

Well... we just got back from a week in Texas! It's hard to believe that this was the first vacation we've taken since shelby was born as a family of 3! When Josh and I first discussed going on our first family vacation, we first decided to go to San Antonio to Sea World but after seeing how much it was going to cost and realizing the length we'd spend traveling it wasn't worth it, until shelby's older, so we opted to go to Fort Worth and Dallas(which also happens to be the area my brother and sister in law live in and we never get to hang out w/ just them).
In 3 days, we saw and conquered the Dallas Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo and Dallas World Aquarium.  It was amazing!!!!! we had a blast!!I'm exhausted and need about a week's worth of catch-up to get back into the real world, but that's not realistic! LOL
 Be prepared... LOTS of pics.... This isn't even HALF of the pics we took but the highlights and you get the idea of the fun we had! ;)