Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hadley's 3 1/2 Bday Party!

This past weekend, CrossPoint had to go to the studio to record their Christmas CD and Sheebs and I had a special little girl's 3 1/2 Bday party to attend so we loaded up the mommy-bus and headed to stay in Crossett Friday night.  We had a blast with Ashley and Miss Hadley, well and of course Uncle Wes! :) The girls are both so sassy so poor momma's!! Ashley is due July 18th with lil NO NAME man.... yeap, I said it Ashley! I still like the name we discussed... :) who cares it's from "that show"! :) Heehee..
Anyhoo, Hadley's bday is actually Dec. 28th but given that's around Christmas and all, they decided to do a summer Pony Party for her and her buddies and it was a HUGE SUCCESS, especially with Sheebs, as you can tell! She rode ponies all day! This are Hadley's Nana's ponies and they're sooo sweet!!!
THE CUTEST CUPCAKES I'VE SEEN!! Horses made from the sugar waffers, candy peanuts and icing!

Obviously the "Fourly Wheeler Wreck" a week ago didn't traumatize her! OMG....

 Meet Nana the "Cowgirl"!! Shelby thought it was soo cool that Nana is a REAL Cowgirl..more like Pony-gal!

Meet Little Dezzy.... sooo sweet!

this was sheebs fav mare, Ping Pong

This is Spirit. Spirit is going to help a little girl w/ therapy soon!
Thanks again, McDougald's for inviting us to stay and come to the fabulous Pony Party!! :) Love y'all!!

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