Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lots of pics....rather long post... LOL

We had an unusual Thanksgiving this year. Since my grandpa's passing and since we did thanksgiving w/ "the Kee's" earlier we just opted out that we weren't gonna cook or do anything like we usually do. We originally planned to go camping but that fell through so we had breakfast w/ Mammy & Pappy Thanksgiving morning, then drove to Texarkana to stay w/ my parents b/c we always shop the day after Thanksgiving ( I say "we" when it's really just Josh and my parents Josh and the 50 other million crazies at 4am on a friday!). That's when 90% of our shopping gets done so that's why we go to T-town. Anyhoo, we drove there and we WERE gonna go to eat at Bryce's but I'm glad that fell through too b/c they were packed and so we ended up goin to eat at my grandparents and my aunt and uncle, who I haven't seen in like 4 years i think, from Fayetteville came in!! She teaches Public Relations ( I think) at U of A and my uncle is a Dr. there in town. Shelby LOVED aunt Phillis! LOL.. Especially her iPhone barnyard app!! LOL

Then we took a 5 generation pic... this is of my uncle Tony (dad's brother), my grandpa, Dad, me, Shelby & grandma....

Thanksgiving was good...but Shelby REFUSED to sleep AT ALL that night in the hotel. She usually does but it was awful...but how can you be mad at this? LOL...
Black Friday, Nov. 27, 2009

We made it through the day....but "daddy" (Josh) was AT THE STORES at 4:30am! WE, stayed in the hotel and were up, ready and out by 8:30 am.... we SHOPPED TIL WE ALL DROPPED! We came back home, as well as my parents; they followed us back, and Shelby slept 12 HOURS LAST NIGHT!! OMG!! SCARED ME TO DEATH!!! LOL.. then we decorated the house today! :) YEAH!! we got all the inside & outside done, except my snow villages b/c I have a large collection and that takes a half day to do and we are too tired to do that's our inside decor, minus the villages.. :)

I love seeing that extra stocking hanging from our mantel! What a great Christmas this is gonna be! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sweety peety

so i'm home AGAIN w/ a horrible stomach bug. i woke up yesterday morning feelin kind funny and it's been all downhill from there. i feel some better today but not 100%...shelby stayed w/ mammy & pappy last night so she won't be exposed but i soo miss her! i've not seen her in 24 hours :(
I thought i'd show you some of her recent pics!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 months ago today

well, 5 months ago, this was me (course the pic of me below was taken the day i was admitted so needless to say, the little one was not delivered until 24 hrs later and this was prior to my knowledge of not knowing my epidurals, yes more than one, would not work and I would have a C-section! God's plans are ALWAYS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN OURS!):

this pic below was me smiling but it was a TOTAL fake smile:

1st Time I got to hold her after her delivery:

And now, this is our little miracle and family:

I cannot begin to imagine how life can get any better than this! She also rolled over from her back to her tummy today for the 1st time! She mastered tummy to back a while back but has been practicing on the opposite for a few days and finally did it! I missed it though. She did it at Miss Minnas. :( o well....
Happy 5 month birthday Shelby Lynne! My have you changed! She was born weighing 7 lbs 12 oz, 21 1/2 " long and is now 17 lbs 8 oz, 27" long!!
We love you!