Monday, August 31, 2009

Bizzy Back in Business!

Ok so Bizzy B's is OFFICIALLY back in business! After a much needed break to spend time w/ our precious new "Toodapot" (that a nickname my BFF's hubby gave Shelby), I am back in the sewing, creatin, stylin and profiling business! I have LOADS OF NEW items that will be available and even thinking of partnering w/ a dear person in my life to see if she would possibly want to start offering her talents as part of the Bizzy Bs line as well...more on that later b/c I haven't even mentioned this to I will be posting new pics of new items soon, which I hope isn't later than planned knowing how I've been slackin on my posts and all.. :( i hate not havin a working laptop 24/'s a project I just finished for a church friend...This is a new deal I'm starting, doing a wipe case to match. For this size bag (which I consider my Standard Size) for the wipe and bag, both with monogramming if you choose, it's a deal so if you choose a bag and would like a wipe case to match, let me know b/c it REALLY IS A STEAL!! :)

And here's some new "Toodapot" pics!:
This is of Shelby at her first football game! SAU played North Alabama Saturday and we got spanked, but it was still fun! We made it through "Mulegating" and lasted till about 8:30pm at the game! Thought that was great! Oh, and the tutu, well it was gonna be her "ensemble" at the game but it was too hot so we X'd the tutu but isn't it too cute for words! My mom took an old halloween costume of mine and turned it into an adorable tutu for Toodapot! Shelby is now almost 12 weeks! She's a ham I tell ya! FULL Of personality and is such a social butterfly!

Friday, August 21, 2009

We Survived!!

Well, Shelby and I survived our 1st work week (last week)! I am so busy w/ work I can't even stop to be sad or worry but then again, why should I because Shelby is in SUCH GREAT CARE! She is LOVIN Ms. Minna's and loves being around all those kiddos (she has 8 kids she's keeping this semester). She's "Little Miss Social." :) haha...not my daughter! haha..... I am also enjoying work. I enjoy the "adult time" and errands and office I'm strange, I know...
Anyhoo, here's pics from Shelby's 1st week at Miss Minna's (Shelby only goes 4 days a week):
(Today through Tuesday; in that order)
She's still a little sleepy today! 4th day of school at Ms. Minna's:

Don't cha just love the outfit!! :) I made the hairbow and just LOVE how sassy it is! 3rd day of school at Ms. Minna's:

2nd day of school, "Oh my goodness! Are we goin to see the kids again?!":

And, I wasn't able to get a "1st thing, 1st day of school" pic but this is Shelby's 1st day of school, after school winding down w/ daddy watchin TV:

Oh, and one amazing thing that I KNOW Miss Minna has taught Shelby is to love her bouncy seat!

Child NEVER tolerated this thang before Ms. Minna's! She loves it now! Minna says she puts Shelby in the bouncy seat at the front of the class with her while she does the bible lessons and teaches the silly songs and she gets FULL ATTENTION and loves seeing all the kids! I think she thinks they are watching her or that they are all there for her amusement! LOL.... poor child, not spoiled at

OK, so we are still having technical difficulties w/ my laptop so as soon as that's fixed I am re-opening Bizzy Bs for orders OFFICIALLY, but in the meantime, if you are interested in ordering anything you have previously seen, hairbows, bags, outfits, etc... please contact me either by message or email!~God bless,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st week back

well yesterday was my first day back to work & Shelby's first day at home w/ Mammy. Mammy is my mother-in-law and she's keepin her on Monday's. She had a great day and I had an ok day. It was busy busy but good b/c it made the day pass faster and I must admit, it was good to have adult interaction! haha...
Today was Shelby's first day at Miss Minna's and she did great!! She just grinned and smiled when I picked her up. Minna said she was a little clingy this morning and not sure about all the other kids and noise but did ok as the day progressed. It's just gonna take a few days for them to adjust to each other. I was totally fine today w/o any tears!! I lost it immediately as I walked out the door yesterday. Josh ended up driving me to work. lol...
I am sooo blessed to have such great family & friends that prayed for us all day yesterday and truly helped get me through the day! We are also blessed to have two great women keeping my precious "Toodapot".

Oh remember one of my bff's that is pregnant and due in January, Ashley?? Well she found out yesterday that they are having a girl!!! Yeah!!! I knew it!! Can't wait to sew up stuff for that lil princess!
Speaking of sewing, Bizzy Bs is re-opening Sept. 1st so I'll be taking orders! I've got a new product, baby bedding including bumpers!! I made my own cradle bumpers and realized how simple it is! I will post pics soon of this new product!
~God bless,

Friday, August 14, 2009

2 months old & going back to work...

First off, let me apologize AGAIN for not being the religious blogger I once was. With my laptop STILL not connecting to our internet, I've been w/o online interaction unless I go to hubby's office or he brings his laptop home and having Shelby doesn't leave much time. So again, I'M SOOO SORRY!! :)
But, isn't she a doll?!! She's changed soooo much right before my eyes! She's now 2 months and 2 days old, 11 lbs 12 oz, 23.5" long and FULL of personality! Her hair is even turning a beautiful auburn color! :) yeah!!! I am soo in love w/ my little "Toodapot" (one of our bff's named her that and it's stuck) She smiles, laughs, knows when to throw a tantrum and is soo alert! I just love it!!
What I don't love is that Monday, Aug. 17th is my 1st day back at work and it's now only 3 days away and my heart is breaking. I am taking in every moment I can with her b/c I know our days of "just us" all day is over. I do miss adult interaction but not as much as I'm gonna miss her. I have great keepers for her so that's not what I'm upset over, just leaving her in general. But, as her nurse said today, coming home to see her or going to pick her up will be that much more special and I'll be sooo much more excited to see her and care for her than if I had all day with her. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" kinda concept I guess. :)
Pray for me! You can expect the blogging to return soon....
~God bless,