Friday, August 21, 2009

We Survived!!

Well, Shelby and I survived our 1st work week (last week)! I am so busy w/ work I can't even stop to be sad or worry but then again, why should I because Shelby is in SUCH GREAT CARE! She is LOVIN Ms. Minna's and loves being around all those kiddos (she has 8 kids she's keeping this semester). She's "Little Miss Social." :) haha...not my daughter! haha..... I am also enjoying work. I enjoy the "adult time" and errands and office I'm strange, I know...
Anyhoo, here's pics from Shelby's 1st week at Miss Minna's (Shelby only goes 4 days a week):
(Today through Tuesday; in that order)
She's still a little sleepy today! 4th day of school at Ms. Minna's:

Don't cha just love the outfit!! :) I made the hairbow and just LOVE how sassy it is! 3rd day of school at Ms. Minna's:

2nd day of school, "Oh my goodness! Are we goin to see the kids again?!":

And, I wasn't able to get a "1st thing, 1st day of school" pic but this is Shelby's 1st day of school, after school winding down w/ daddy watchin TV:

Oh, and one amazing thing that I KNOW Miss Minna has taught Shelby is to love her bouncy seat!

Child NEVER tolerated this thang before Ms. Minna's! She loves it now! Minna says she puts Shelby in the bouncy seat at the front of the class with her while she does the bible lessons and teaches the silly songs and she gets FULL ATTENTION and loves seeing all the kids! I think she thinks they are watching her or that they are all there for her amusement! LOL.... poor child, not spoiled at

OK, so we are still having technical difficulties w/ my laptop so as soon as that's fixed I am re-opening Bizzy Bs for orders OFFICIALLY, but in the meantime, if you are interested in ordering anything you have previously seen, hairbows, bags, outfits, etc... please contact me either by message or email!~God bless,

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Kecia said...

No you are not strange at all!

And se looks so happy!!

God less you dear!

We love you in Christ!!