Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bday Prep2

Well more bday prep is underway!!!
Today we have cut out all 3doz cupcake wrappers I designed and made, cut out all the Hello Kitty's i made, got her bday banner in that SoCuteParties made her, and we are to pick up her embroidery work from Lori this afternoon for her outfit!

Banner designed and made by SoCuteParties. She has awesome party stuff!!!!! Wish I had ordered one of her ribbon topiaries!

Hello Kitty Paper!!!!

This is sooo fun! I know Shelby will have a great party with or without all of this but it warms my heart to make things for her and in her honor because I rarely get to. Can't wait to finish her outfit!!!!!
Oh and I are going tomorrow to get the rest of bday stuff including her BIG present...

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Party Prep 2012

Birthday prep is in FULL FORCE.....
Wow so yesterday I was in insane work-mode on shelby's birthday party prep and got TONS accomplished!
I got her invitations done, stuffed, map drawn out, addressed and stamped ready to be mailed today; got 80% of her awesome birthday outfit sewn up, got most of her tissue paper flowers made for decor, and made a list of what I need to still do, which is a you know me, I'm very much OCD and things have to be done a certain way and a list is A MUST...haha.. i wish i could break myself from this but i can't so i accept it. :)
Here's what all I did yesterday.... OOOoooooo I can't wait to finish her outfit! I'm waiting on some PRETTY AWESOME custom embroidery to be done by Lori and then I can totally finish it. :) I"m such an impatient person.... Lord please give me opportunities today to be patient....
 Her bow from Livi's SweetNSassy Bowtique matches PERFECTLY!!!!

I taught myself how to do shirring yesterday too! The straps and the bodice will all be shirred.
I ADORE my Ruffler Foot for my sewing machine! Makes my life sooo much easier!
 3 ruffles for her 3rd birthday! :)
 Finally found some Hello Kitty fabric I like thanks to
Started making the decorations for her party.... I think I got close to 20 Tissue Paper flowers done. :) So easy and soooo fun!

 Started her party favor goodie bags :)

 Her invitation (minus detail I blurred out :) ) I added a little tulle bow to the top left corner of the teal border for some sass :)

 The day in a nutshell.... I think was start!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recent painting project

I paint, in case you didn't know, and I enjoy it so I do it whenever I'm asked to. I started painting plates for display in your home about 8 months ago and it's gone really well and I do it still from time to time. Recently I was asked to do some for a local girl to give to her mom and granny. I think they turned out great!

Just a short post for now. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember its not about the time off or the food but to remember those who died and fought for our freedom.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Annointed in and through song

I've now added a button to the right where you can click to visit Crosspoint's webpage and see their schedule and to get booking info. from!

This weekend was another busy weekend with Crosspoint and it was sooooo good! We stayed ALL WEEKEND with The Clark's (tenor singer and family) at their home in Gurdon, AR and we are so blessed to have such amazing friends we feel so connected to.  Shelby loves them so much and her buddy is Tebow

 Isn't he adorable?!!!
The guys sang in Greenwood, AR Saturday afternoon, which is above Fort Smith, AR and we were tired and it was really too far to travel for me and Shelby Saturday so we stayed with Cena (Brian's wife) and the girls and were lazy all day.  We watched movies in our PJ's and didn't get dressed until the guys called sayin they were on their way home (to Gurdon).  It was soo nice to just chill! Shelby enjoyed jumpin on the trampoline with Kelsey Jo and Cena, Hallie and I watched Breaking Dawn, took naps when Shelby did, and then watched The Help! LOVED THE MOVIES!! Definitely wanna see them again and see the rest of the Twilight Series, yes, I've not seen any of them.  lol

The guys sang at Brian and Cena's church Sunday morning, Beech Street Baptist of Gurdon, AR and it was sooo good! I got lots of video!  It's soo cool to me  because my home church in Texarkana is Beech Street First Baptist and it's the same name as Brian and Cena's and what's even more cool is this weekend they sing in Nashville, AR and the church is Immanuel Baptist, which is THE SAME name as our church here in Magnolia! haha.... I'm rambling....haha here's the videos....

Disregard the little curly headed girl and the bouncing bumblebee's hard to video and keep her from dancing hahaah.....she loves to hear her daddy and "guys" sing! I almost cry everytime because she's learned most of the songs and it's sooo sweet to hear her little voice sing these praises to God! :) the One who gave her to us and gave us this miracle we were told we'd never have! :)

Continue to lift up Crosspoint in prayer as they make decisions  and go and do as the Lord guides and leads them.  This ministry is such a blessing and witness to so many lives and in fact, the guys have been approached to sing in Georgia and NEBRASKA so please keep us all in prayer as we decide where God is leading us and them.....
Thank You Lord for giving us a glimpse of Glory and filling their hearts with service for You!

Plan to attend and be blessed! This will be the first recording Josh is on! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bday Prep

Shelby's 3rd, man that's hard to say, birthday party is JUST AROUND THE CORNER....June 9th is her party but her actual bday is June 12th at 7:54a.m.  So far her festivities are coming along smoothly!
I've got the venue rented, plates, napkins and such ordered, fabrics ordered for me to make her outfit, invitations almost done, decor ideas narrowed down, and the invite list filled to the gills!!
I'm having a hard time deciding which invite I wanna go with.....but I"m getting family to help me w/ that.. I've added a new picture of S to it but waiting to show you til they are printed and mailed out! :)
However, I will show you the fabrics I've got ordered... :)

Curious?????? I can tell you this, I have to make her pants because of her venue, but it won't be lacking in ANY summer cuteness! I'm soo excited!!!! The only part I'm not making, which is shocker, I know but this was too cute NOT to order, is her bow.....
Special Thanks to Livi's SweetnSassy Bowtique for making this! Can't wait to get it!!!

 It's gonna be soo cute w/ Shelby's outfit! :) I'm itching for these fabrics to come in and start on her outfit! :) I've NEVER made her a bday outfit and this year IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!!! OMG I've not sewn since BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND I'M DYING!!!!

I also get to sew this sweet darling her 1ST BIRTHDAY outfit!!

 She's getting a "TUTU CUTE" outfit with Hootie Owls!! :) Stay tuned!! Her bday is in July! :)
Love you Ashley C and OF COURSE Baby Raylee!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photoshoot with Zydaco AND Cloud Dust

My friend Stacy, of Cloud Dust, facebooked me late Sunday night asking if we were busy Monday and that she needed a model for a photography workshop for a girl coming from Monroe and I jumped at the offer! The model wasn't me, thank goodness, but who else than Shelby Lynne!!
It was soooo neat hearing Stacy teach Amber and how cooperative Shelby and lil Figaro were!! Yes, Figaro was a model in her first photoshoot too!! Here are the pics they both edited and have shown me....
Awesome huh??!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Shelby's 1st Dance Recital

Shelby had an absolute blast!!! Her tap dance, Kitty Cats, was 1st after the opening act and staff dance and she was soooo fun to watch! She even bossed her fellow classmate and told her what she was supposed to be doing instead! haha.....
She is the kitty cat on the end (right)

Her ballet routine was to Pixie Dust off of the Tinkerbelle soundtrack and just melts my heart!
She is the one in the middle that does the straddle stance at the beginning and cant seem to stay in her line the whole time..hahaha....

Wasn't it precious?! I know she didn't do it perfectly but seeing her learn what she did and do what she did floors me! I would have NEVER gotten on stage at almost 3 yrs old, OR NOW AT 29, and do what she did! She loved it!!

Her program ad:

Her dance buddies, who we just know will be a trio one day!
Such a pretty girl

Just a few shots Josh got, considering i was seated on the floor at the front of the stage videoing :)

Shelby also got a special gift Saturday because she's been so good (for the most part) since Pap Pap (paci) went to be with the new babies our friends had and for doing so well at her dance recital...
Meet the new member of the Kee residence:

Had to be named Figaro because Minnie Mouse's cat (which I also figured out is the same cat Pinnocio had)... Duh mom. Why else would u name her that?! Minnie is so cool. Hahahaha

Today, Shelby got to be a model also and so did Figaro!! Love it Stacy!