Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bday Prep2

Well more bday prep is underway!!!
Today we have cut out all 3doz cupcake wrappers I designed and made, cut out all the Hello Kitty's i made, got her bday banner in that SoCuteParties made her, and we are to pick up her embroidery work from Lori this afternoon for her outfit!

Banner designed and made by SoCuteParties. She has awesome party stuff!!!!! Wish I had ordered one of her ribbon topiaries!

Hello Kitty Paper!!!!

This is sooo fun! I know Shelby will have a great party with or without all of this but it warms my heart to make things for her and in her honor because I rarely get to. Can't wait to finish her outfit!!!!!
Oh and I are going tomorrow to get the rest of bday stuff including her BIG present...

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