Monday, May 21, 2012

Annointed in and through song

I've now added a button to the right where you can click to visit Crosspoint's webpage and see their schedule and to get booking info. from!

This weekend was another busy weekend with Crosspoint and it was sooooo good! We stayed ALL WEEKEND with The Clark's (tenor singer and family) at their home in Gurdon, AR and we are so blessed to have such amazing friends we feel so connected to.  Shelby loves them so much and her buddy is Tebow

 Isn't he adorable?!!!
The guys sang in Greenwood, AR Saturday afternoon, which is above Fort Smith, AR and we were tired and it was really too far to travel for me and Shelby Saturday so we stayed with Cena (Brian's wife) and the girls and were lazy all day.  We watched movies in our PJ's and didn't get dressed until the guys called sayin they were on their way home (to Gurdon).  It was soo nice to just chill! Shelby enjoyed jumpin on the trampoline with Kelsey Jo and Cena, Hallie and I watched Breaking Dawn, took naps when Shelby did, and then watched The Help! LOVED THE MOVIES!! Definitely wanna see them again and see the rest of the Twilight Series, yes, I've not seen any of them.  lol

The guys sang at Brian and Cena's church Sunday morning, Beech Street Baptist of Gurdon, AR and it was sooo good! I got lots of video!  It's soo cool to me  because my home church in Texarkana is Beech Street First Baptist and it's the same name as Brian and Cena's and what's even more cool is this weekend they sing in Nashville, AR and the church is Immanuel Baptist, which is THE SAME name as our church here in Magnolia! haha.... I'm rambling....haha here's the videos....

Disregard the little curly headed girl and the bouncing bumblebee's hard to video and keep her from dancing hahaah.....she loves to hear her daddy and "guys" sing! I almost cry everytime because she's learned most of the songs and it's sooo sweet to hear her little voice sing these praises to God! :) the One who gave her to us and gave us this miracle we were told we'd never have! :)

Continue to lift up Crosspoint in prayer as they make decisions  and go and do as the Lord guides and leads them.  This ministry is such a blessing and witness to so many lives and in fact, the guys have been approached to sing in Georgia and NEBRASKA so please keep us all in prayer as we decide where God is leading us and them.....
Thank You Lord for giving us a glimpse of Glory and filling their hearts with service for You!

Plan to attend and be blessed! This will be the first recording Josh is on! :)

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