Monday, May 14, 2012

Shelby's 1st Dance Recital

Shelby had an absolute blast!!! Her tap dance, Kitty Cats, was 1st after the opening act and staff dance and she was soooo fun to watch! She even bossed her fellow classmate and told her what she was supposed to be doing instead! haha.....
She is the kitty cat on the end (right)

Her ballet routine was to Pixie Dust off of the Tinkerbelle soundtrack and just melts my heart!
She is the one in the middle that does the straddle stance at the beginning and cant seem to stay in her line the whole time..hahaha....

Wasn't it precious?! I know she didn't do it perfectly but seeing her learn what she did and do what she did floors me! I would have NEVER gotten on stage at almost 3 yrs old, OR NOW AT 29, and do what she did! She loved it!!

Her program ad:

Her dance buddies, who we just know will be a trio one day!
Such a pretty girl

Just a few shots Josh got, considering i was seated on the floor at the front of the stage videoing :)

Shelby also got a special gift Saturday because she's been so good (for the most part) since Pap Pap (paci) went to be with the new babies our friends had and for doing so well at her dance recital...
Meet the new member of the Kee residence:

Had to be named Figaro because Minnie Mouse's cat (which I also figured out is the same cat Pinnocio had)... Duh mom. Why else would u name her that?! Minnie is so cool. Hahahaha

Today, Shelby got to be a model also and so did Figaro!! Love it Stacy!

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