Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Party Prep 2012

Birthday prep is in FULL FORCE.....
Wow so yesterday I was in insane work-mode on shelby's birthday party prep and got TONS accomplished!
I got her invitations done, stuffed, map drawn out, addressed and stamped ready to be mailed today; got 80% of her awesome birthday outfit sewn up, got most of her tissue paper flowers made for decor, and made a list of what I need to still do, which is a you know me, I'm very much OCD and things have to be done a certain way and a list is A MUST...haha.. i wish i could break myself from this but i can't so i accept it. :)
Here's what all I did yesterday.... OOOoooooo I can't wait to finish her outfit! I'm waiting on some PRETTY AWESOME custom embroidery to be done by Lori and then I can totally finish it. :) I"m such an impatient person.... Lord please give me opportunities today to be patient....
 Her bow from Livi's SweetNSassy Bowtique matches PERFECTLY!!!!

I taught myself how to do shirring yesterday too! The straps and the bodice will all be shirred.
I ADORE my Ruffler Foot for my sewing machine! Makes my life sooo much easier!
 3 ruffles for her 3rd birthday! :)
 Finally found some Hello Kitty fabric I like thanks to
Started making the decorations for her party.... I think I got close to 20 Tissue Paper flowers done. :) So easy and soooo fun!

 Started her party favor goodie bags :)

 Her invitation (minus detail I blurred out :) ) I added a little tulle bow to the top left corner of the teal border for some sass :)

 The day in a nutshell.... I think was start!!

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