Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, Shelby is 1 week old today (friday )as of 7:54 a.m. this morning. I was luckily awake feeding her and got to celebrate her 1 week birthday w/ her. I woke Josh up squalling my eyes out saying, "Shelby...sniff sniff...1 week.. sniff sniff... old.............right now...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"! It was beautiful. We held each other and Shelby and gave her birthday kisses. :)
She has changed so much in just a week.

I'm on an emotional roller coaster that seems to be nuts these past few days. I have been crying at EVERYTHING... these post-partum hormones are crazy! I let it all out so that's good but it's still tough b/c I never know when I'll be on high or low. Josh is being soo supportive and sooo sweet and understanding. I love him soo much.

Well....tomorrow (saturday) Shelby gets to meet her Uncle Bear (my brother) and Aunt JessiLu (his fiance)!!
~God bless & nighty night,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Shelby...

So this time last week I was in the most escrutiating pain imaginable and even though that was the case and the longest 24 hours and 20 minutes of my life (24 hours labor only got to a 4, and 20 min or less for the c-section) in my mind, I KNEW there was something that was a million times better coming from this pain.
Shelby is 6 days old today, 1 week tomorrow (friday), and my heart is sad that this week has flown by. It's been amazing! She slept last night in her pac-n-play sleeper last night for the WHOLE night for the 1st time and I only had to get up to feed and change her! It was AWESOME! I didn't even wake Josh up, well not on purpose....haha...
We also went to the dr. yesterday and omg, this child. We had her all dressed and ready in the outfit below, and had her in it ALL DAY and we had to be at the dr. before 3:30pm, well sista decided to poop so I changed her, right before we were about to leave, early enough to be on time and got her all clean and had the diaper in one hand and the tootsies in the other and sista pees ALL OVER the changing pad, my arms and THE ONE AND ONLY time I don't pull her dress up her back, yeahp, u guessed it! ALL OVER HER DRESS!!! SO, after I had pondered soo long on making her as adorable as possible, all that effort, down the toilet.. haha.. so, we changed her into an outfit I was gonna save but made her just as cute!
Pre-PeePee Outfit:

Post-PeePee Outfit:

So, after that ordeal yesterday before the dr. we ended up being there on time still and didn't have to wait that long. We found out that she is great! She weighed 7 lbs, 12 oz at birth and when we were discharged she weighed 7 lbs. Well, yesterday she weighed 7 lbs 5 oz! She had gained 5 oz in 3 DAYS! Dr. said, "Breastfed-only babies usually lose 1 lb the first week but for her to gain 5 oz in 3 day is GREAT!" :) Yeah!! You go little Piggy!

Well, today miss Shelby went on her 2nd outing in just 2 days! Momma HAD TO get outta the house and daddy had a meeting w/ the pastor (Josh is the Music Minister at our church as well as his full-time job at SAU in the Foundation)and daddy LET US GO! :) YEAH!! This week is VBS at our church and THE FIRST YEAR EVER that I've not gone or been apart of a VBS so I was sad all week. We may get to go tomorrow night to the commencement. :) Anyhoo, we had a blast today! Shelby got to meet some people, NO TOUCHING THOUGH, and she did well. She slept, ate, pooped and slept somemore. :) hee hee... She's tired now. haha...

I cannot believe tomorrow (Friday, June 19th) Shelby will be 1 week old. :( I'm so sad. I don't want her to grow anymore. LOL... I want her to stay small and cuddly and rely on me for her food and to be held soo tightly. Tomorrow is gonna be sooo bitter-sweet. I'm sooo emotional and I KNOW it's hormones but it's also just the over-flowing of love pouring out of me for her. I see Shelby as my love for Josh and his love for me, living and breathing outside of our bodies and it amazes me to see her and realize where we came from. This Sunday being Father's Day will be soooo special and surreal to know that God allowed me to make Josh a dad. If all goes well, I'm gonna go to church, late and put up a HUGE FRONT OF "NO TOUCHING", as 1 gift to Josh. He sings the praise song, "Beautiful One" to her to soothe her (only works if he does it. She's not big on me doing it. It's a daddy-thing.) and he said when I heard him singing it earlier, "We're singing Shelby's song Sunday" so I KNOW I'll just squall and be laughed at for squalling through a praise song that's not an emotional-crying one. LOL I also got Josh his first Father's Day gift, which he'll love and use, and a sweet card that yes, I cried in walmart reading. haha...
Wow, what a week... God is soo good.... Here's some pics of Sweet Shelby today and my 1ST ACCEPTABLE Post-Pregnancy pic. I feel great, and feel like I look a little better. Josh has lost 7 lbs but he's also been going and goin and I told him, "well, I know I've at least lost 7 lbs 12 oz. haha." My incision is great, my tummy isn't swollen anymore, just saggy, and the only issue at hand is my back discomfort from where the EPIDURALS were given. lol...
I just love Shelby's "meltdown" pics below....haha.. I posted some captions for them below each one just for giggles....

Mommy & Shelby 6-18-09

Sweet Shelby

"You lookin at me?"

"OMG, get me outta here! Don't make me get my monkeys on you!"




"If it wasn't my daddy holding me, I'd be outta here!"

Aren't these adorable!? haha..
~God bless,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More pics

These are all the pics we've got so far of Shelby's life so far! The ones at the end are of her 1st moments in the world!

Monday, June 15, 2009

SHE'S HERE! SHE'S HERE!! the birth story...

Well, Baby Shelby Lynne Kee is here as of Friday, June 12, 2009 at 7:54a.m. She weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz., 21.5" long. She was weighed again before we left yesterday and lost 12 oz. so she weighed 7 lbs when we left. She's also breastfeeding well! It's trying at times and we're both waiting for the "real treat" to come in but I feel it coming! haha..
She came 3 DAYS after my due date and I wouldn't change a thing if it meant life w/o her in it!She is soo perfect and worth everything we went through for her to get here, from the fertility meds to the birth story below... OMG gals, my birth story is one I'LL NEVER FORGET!!!

here goes!:

We were set and admitted into the L&D ward at 7:30a.m. on Thursday, June 11th and shortly after gettin settled in, they admitted the cervidil pill, hooked me up to the monitors and the wait began. OK, so i was STILL not dilated at all before that was administered. So, the day progressed, still only a 2 - 3, so when i was like a 2.5 dilated and he checked he said everytime I had a contraction he could feel the water bag bulging so he waited on a contraction and burst it, which btw, HURTS LIKE NO BODIES BUSINESS! STILL NO PAIN MEDS AT THIS POINT BTW... I had been having contractions and weren't feelin them and the dr. was suprised but after they broke my water, it was still too early to give me an epi so they gave me stadol and phenegren mixed b/c i was getting so nauseated and that hurt more so than the contractions. During our wait, I got to walk the halls and dear hubby decided to take these 2 pics of me....haha...:

this pic below was me smiling but it was a TOTAL fake smile:

So after the water breaking and stadol/phenegren cocktail i was given, which just knocked me out for a while, the only sleep i got the whole 24 hours btw.... the real "fun" (yeah right) began! t About 2 am and then they gave me my epidural after seeing i was a full 3 almost 4 and guess what?! it didn't work the first time b/c he didn't push the needle in far enough so i had to have it AGAIN and be stuck all over again=#1 horrific issue... THEN... they decided to start the pitocin drip and OMG... every time they administered the pitocin, it would counteract w/ my epidural (meaning I WAS NO LONGER PAINLESS!) so my thighs to my toes were completely numb but from there UP was COMPLETELY feel-able so i felt ALL of the contractions each time from the pitocin=#2 horrific issue. THEN, about 5 am friday the ONLY NURSE i didn't like pushed up the pitocin drip W/O being told to do so by my dr. b/c she checked me and said i was 4 cm and wanted to see..OH and she kept makin me lie on one side for 30 min then switch over and over b/c she wanted to make the baby active, which SHE WAS AND HER HEART RATE WAS FINE! So, when she pumped up the pitocin drip, i had a contraction for ONE WHOLE HOUR STRAIGHT W/O ANY RELIEF AND FELT ALL OF IT B/C OF THE PITOCIN COUNTERACTING MY EPI! The epi man came in every hour after he gave me my 2nd one to give me more pain meds and nothing worked! =horrific issue #3 So at 7am my dr came in and said, "What's goin on? !" b/c i was still in horrific pain and he wondered what was goin on and why and that stupid nurse said, "Oh, haha, I guess i over-stimulated the pitocin drip..haha" UGH! YEAH U DID! OMG! So then he said, "well ur still at 4 cm and it's been too long (24 hours) so we've gotta do something so i'm calling it; C-section" Aww the best words i heard all day! After the 5 am incident josh was soo ticked at the nurse and helpless b/c i was in such pain that he was ready for it too! So, no even 30 min later i was being given anesticia by THE NICEST man named Stacy and all was well in happy land! haha... I continuously shook b/c #1 i was terrified of surgery (only had my wisdom teeth out and i was knocked out for it and this i was awake and numb), #2 i kept thinking, "OMG, what if he was wrong and she's a "he" and the room is all pink and all those outfits and..blah blah blah" haha.. and then i was terrified of the baby being ok, not huge, etc..general worries... but, she was born at 7:54am on Friday, June 12th! the dr. said, "Josh look!" and i thought she was out and being sucktioned out and what not and he said, "Umm no! he was pulling her out all i saw was her head and then her being delivered!" haha.. bless his heart! haha... he got to help clean her off and then i got to see her, which was kinda hard to see her but what i did was WONDERFUL! I WAS SOOOO CRYING! The only discomfort i felt w/ the c-section was the pressure of him pushing her down, which i know understand b/c she was 21.5" long and i kept thinking, "if she's dropped like the dr says, why is she kickin me under my boobs?" that's b/c her legs are super long! so he had to push from there down! It was THE BEST delivery! i HIGHLY RECOMMEND a c-section and will have one from now on!! probably only 1 more time though! haha.. it was great from there out though and we had THE BEST nurses ever in my room after being moved! the lactation specialist was soo helpful and amazing! felt like a part of the family! all of this was worth it though! She was 7 lbs, 12 oz, 21.5" long

Here are pics of our precious miracle, Shelby Lynne Kee:

1st Time I got to hold her after her delivery:

Shelby's 1st car ride! On the way home yesterday from the hospital (WHOLE HOUR DRIVE home and she never made a sound or woke up! haha)

THERE WILL BE more pics to come! these are just some we have from our cell phones, stacy and that were on the computer already. We've got more on our camera but I'm not sure where the cord is! Life is a little upside down these days! LOL..

She's already got THE WORLD wrapped around her fingertips! It's amazing to see Josh w/ her and talk about her! I cry everytime i see her w/ him, hear him talk about her, etc.. well, I CRY AT EVERYTHING these days actually! haha... I TOTALLY am overwhelmed w/ emotions and hormones right now! haha..

I'm recovering well. Taking my pain meds religiously but felt a lot better today than before! My incision is SOO TINY! it's a little over 6" long and TOTALLY where it won't be seen if I CAN EVER get the guts to wear a two-piece again. Not sure if that dream will happen b/c of some stretch marks Miss Shelby gave me the last few weeks of her baking!

last night was rough, our 1st night home. shelby was gassy and up and down. i only got 30 min of sleep so we got gas drops for her and aren't lettin her sleep a lot this evening. we're tryin to get a schedule set around her needs as well as our sleep need so we're resting during the day when she does. just pray for us! we r havin so much fun w/ this new journey and miracle in our lives!