Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our last sunday...

So this is our last sunday as just the 2 of us and it's my last sunday for a while as a worship singer with Josh and Beth Anne and so I was totally determined to go to church this a.m. ( I didn't go last sunday b/c i felt horrible) and tonight. I did feel woozy and faint-ish getting ready this a.m. but I managed and so far, so good! I got to sing and worship God and be in His presence and house for the last time as just me with this little princess inside. God is soo amazing and He is sooooo good to us. Our service this a.m. was amazing and tonight will be just as great AND we're having an ice cream supper after church so that's EVEN BETTER! HAHA...gotta love ice cream!!
It's so hard to believe that this time next week we'll have Shelby here in our arms! I am getting nervous, scared and anxious about the delivery and wondering how she'll come (naturally, w/ an induction or by c-section) but that will probably be answered tuesday when we go to the dr. for my last prenatal visit. :) If there is still no progression then my dr. is going to induce me Thursday and so we are just in prayer for a safe, healthy delivery, whatever that may be and include, and that Shelby is here in our arms! :) I am a bit scared though, as anyone would be, but MY GOD has this in His hands and He tells me to not worry or be anxious in that is my focus and my hard as this is.... :) Please pray for us this week...this is going to be such a great, memorable, LIFE-CHANGING week!
I hope i can post updates from Josh's blackberry at the hospital on here but if not, i'm on facebook and can post easily on there so if you want, look me up on facebook (Bekah Kee)!
~God bless,


jill said...

can you BELIEVE that this time next week shelby will BE HERE?!?!?!? i just love that school is done for me at 11 on thursday. i'm SO camping out at your room! love you lots! it's all going to be perfect. no matter which way it works out. His way will be the perfect way!

Sabrina said...

I'll be watching for updates and praying. I won't say don't be're about to enter into the most life altering experience ever, but it's so wonderful! Welcome to Motherhood!