Friday, June 5, 2009

5th day...

Haha... still here... 5th day of maternity leave...but ya know, as miserable as I am, I'm ok. I did a lot of searching within yesterday and swinging outside in the nice, probably last, cool day here in Arkansas w/ my first baby Dee Dee (our doggy). Regardless of when Shelby coms it is GOD'S PLAN & WILL not mine. That I knew but had forgotten and refused to accept.
Josh and I are going for one last getaway this afternoon and staying in Texarkana, just to be safe since that's where we'll be delivering and where I'm from. I am looking forward to us just being "us" and getting away to do what we want.
Oh, I received this pic today from a friend I made a bag for that was giving it to a friend as a shower gift. Is this not the sweetest pic you've seen?! I can't wait to take a pic of Miss Shelby w/ her bag :)!

~God bless & have a great weekend!


Jakesmommie said...

Glad you guys are getting "away"! You need a break. I love Shelby's bag that you did. SHe is one lucky baby to have such a talented mommy!

Kecia said...

Cute bag! But Shelby's bag is cuter...Hahaha

We are praying!!

God bless you both!

Jodi said...

Just thinking of you and checking in! I know you just wish you could blink and Shelby would be in your arms. I just blinked and my babies turned 14, 11, and 5. Lord have mercy time flies! Take excellent care of yourself and keep cool!

Sabrina said...

I popped in to see if you had "popped" yet. Can't wait to see the baby! Praying everything goes smoothly.