Thursday, June 4, 2009

4th day...

WELL... yeahp, still here at home w/ nothing goin on, that I'm aware of. It's the 4th day of my maternity leave and 5 days till our due date and I'm honestly discouraged because I JUST KNEW I'd have a baby to rock, feed and cuddle by now but I'm still in pain, no sleep, and barely able to move. I know this is the horrible hormones talking but I'm soooo tired of people saying, "She'll come when she's ready." Like I don't know that... I apologized before...warned ya... I know she's gonna come when she's ready and that I should "rest, enjoy the time you have now, etc..." well I'd like to but I cannot sleep b/c I'm in such pain if I lay in a certain position, sit or even stand for a length of time, and every moment seems to be filled w/ pain and discomfort. I've not gained any more weight and my belly is not any bigger than it was a week ago so there's LITERALLY no more room for her and the more I see that, the more upset I become. I am just having a 'down day' and am no directing this to any individual. Just pray for my sanity....haha..and josh's..haha

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His Doorkeeper said...

Hi Bekah,

Just checking in to see how ya doing! Believe it or not, I remember those days prior to giving birth and they were the worst! You can hardly get comfortable in any position...sittting , standing or lying down! will be a distant memory in weeks to come because it all pales in comparison to the joy of holding that sweet babe in your arms and just wondering what you ever did without them! Trust me on that!

Do what you can to make yourself comfortable! Know there are those out here who are thinking of you and rooting you on!

May God bless you with a safe delivery and a very healthy child!