Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2nd day....

Well so today is my 2nd day off and we are officially 39 weeks and my little ticker above freaks me out saying "only 7 days left!" OMG.... we go to the dr today so it maybe less than that! We are taking all our bags packed just in case. I could not sleep last night and had some pains pretty much all night so who knows... if there is no progress we're gonna see what our options are! I will keep you posted!
I guess the reality of Shelby possibly being here in the next day or days is settling in and it seems sooo unreal... I'm trying to prepare myself for whatever the dr says but I know there's no way to prepare ourselves for what we'll feel when the time is here. Poor Josh, he seems to be on pins and needles and has his phone w/ him like it's apart of his hip. Every time it rings I can just see his face. haha... who knows... keep us in your prayers! I'll try to update, depending on what the dr. says, later this afternoon after our visit. :)
~God is good and be blessed,


Kecia said...

We will continue to pray for you dear sister!

We love you all in Christ!!

jill said...

can't wait to hear!!!!! i've been a nervous wreck the last couple of days thinking about you! i keep checking my phone to make sure i don't have a missed text or something. :) praying for good news at the doc!