Thursday, September 30, 2010

*NEW* Fall Cutie Couture

One night during my insomnia episodes, before Melatonin helped out, I pictured this outfit in my head! I wrote it down, sketched it out and left it on my sewing table. I kept comin back to it but never found THE fabric I wanted to use. I wanted this outfit to be Shelby's. I've NOT MADE HER ANYTHING TO WEAR, other than bows. Shelby & I were in Walmart one day this week and since they've done away w/the fabric/crafts section at ALL Walmart's, like before, I rarely browse down the new aisles. Something told me to do so this week so I did and our WM is selling 1yd cuts of fabric pre-packaged and some have a coordinate and print, so you get 2 yds for $10! BIG DEAL, except all the fabrics are AWFUL that I've seen before EXCEPT THIS TIME! I bought 3 2YD PACKAGES AND KNEW THIS ONE WAS THE OUTFIT MATERIAL! I also knew I wanted this outfit to have an extra added "Sumpin Sumpin" and when I was browsing my "Sumpin Sumpin" drawer next to my sewing table, the giraffe print ribbon FELL OUTTA MY DRAWER! I AM NOT KIDDIN U!! LOL!! THAT WAS IT!!! MY MIND RACED AND MY HEART FLUTTERED! THIS WAS THE OUTFIT MATERIALS!!! It was all I could do to start immediately but since I was having waaayyy too much fun playin w/ Shelby, I had to wait till she went down for her nap to draw off and cut out my fabrics. Now I must admit, I did use a pattern for the pants b/c it's hard to get exact measurements w/o a pattern for pants. I can do tops fine but the inseam HAS TO BE exact so YES, *GASP*, I USED A PATTERN. :( BUT NOT FOR THE DESIGN AT ALL!! I CROSS MY HEART! LOL I didn't cheat!! LOL
Are you ready to see this?? LOL.....

(Click on the image to enlarge & see more detail)
This outfit is a 12month size but more of an 18 month length in the pants. When I say CUSTOM, I MEAN CUSTOM! LOL... See, I have one foot that is a whole 1/2 size larger than the other so I'm not surprised when my daughter can still wear 3-6 month pants in the waist, just as capris! LOL! So for her, I did a 12 month top, 12 month waist, and in order for these pants to be PANTS for her, they are 18month length, otherwise, if they were 12month length, they'd be capris! LOL... I have a skinny bean.. LOL...THANK GOODNESS! I'D RATHER HER BE A BEAN POLL THAN LIKE HER MOMMY!!
The top has a half-zipper in the back and brown giraffe print trim around the neck and as ruffles at the bottom. The pants have an elastic waist band and a coordinating cuff on the bottom of the pants to match the top as well as the same giraffe print ruffles. These pants are made to dust the floor and be long. This outfit was sooo fun to make and I will DEFINITELY be trying it on Shelby soon & taking a pic for ya!
I will reproduce this outfit for your wee-one or do the same design in WHATEVER fabric you like! :) I am still accepting Halloween, Thanksgiving and now taking orders for Christmas! :)

Speaking of Fall, which if you live here in the southern-most part of Arkansas like I do, you know we only get MAYBE 2 weeks of "Fall", which btw, is now and IT'S A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! So I just realized that 90% of my home is painted and decorated all year in the color palette of fall (not decorated w/ pumpkins and leaves but you know what I mean, THE COLORS). So, today Ucreate, which btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read her blog, has THE CUTEST feature today on how to add some cute pumpkin, ORIGINAL pumpkins, to your Fall decor.

(Pictures courtesy of Under My Umbrella from Ucreate. I DID NOT MAKE THESE BUT WILL BE MAKING MY OWN FOR MY HOME!! :) Go to the tutorial below to make you some too!!)
Check out!!
~God bless,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Yes, I make boy things!"


So this week has been just a whirlwind of errands and trips all over town, for some reason. LOL... no idea why but Shelby and I have not been at home in the afternoon all week! We have had fun w/ Mammy this week though! I also went to a Scentsy party Lydia held last night and had a blast w/ some other local ladies! This week has also sparked a creative OUTFIT bug in me! I took one BOY, YES! BOY, Halloween outfit this week to be monogrammed as well as cut out and started sewing up an ADORABLE fall outfit for Shelby, YES! AN OUTFIT FOR MY OWN DAUGHTER! LOL... I am sad to admit, I'VE NOT MADE MY DAUGHTER 1 SINGLE OUTFIT! YES, I did make her 2 diaper bags, and I use some other bags I've made for when we travel, and she has TONS of bows I've made, BUT NOT ONE SINGLE OUTFIT! :(
Here's a sneak peak of the BOY Halloween fabric! :) I will reveal the full outfit when the momma who ordered it sees it first and Shelby's will be totally revealed when it's done! Sorry! :)

I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE w/ this fabric and remember this cute little iron-on applique??! The fabric is by Costume Club by Sherri Berry and came from, where I BUY ALL my fabrics and the ADORABLE Custom-applique is from Big Black Dog Designs, who you can find out more about here! I chose the stripe print b/c it is more boy-ish! I just love it! I CAN'T WAIT to SHOW YOU what I did w/ the Halloween print!I get asked ALL THE TIME, "Do you do ANYTHING for boys?" WELL OF COURSE I DO! I JUST DON'T HAVE ONE! LOL.. I can and will do anything anyone asks me to do! The Halloween/Birthday outfit is for a friend of mine who I graduated high school with! Her little Gillam is celebrating his 1st birthday in October and she wanted a Halloween-themed outfit and I just about died when I found this fabric! :)
LOL... how funny is it that Woot Woot Wednesday has owls in the post as well?!! LOL....
I'm not really sure why I'm obsessed all the sudden w/ Hoot Owls? LOL.. but I LOVE THEM!! Speaking of LOVE, what should I do? I want this for Shelby when it's time to change out of her crib to a bed. I wanna use Josh's twin bed that Mammy still has from his childhood and paint it white and I'm thinking of buying this set and keeping it till it's time. Should I? I CONSTANTLY think about this!! I think I'm gonna order it...

~God bless,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shelby Cuties

As I've said before this week, I'M SOOO IN LOVE W/ ETSY & THE CREATORS OF HANDMADE ITEMS! Here's a new Etsy store I also love:

Little Darling Designs
A sweet new friend of mine, Julie, who I've met through email & etsy, created the CUTEST long-sleeved shirts for Shelby! I was just browsing her store and came across some designs I LOVED that were on different items and asked if she could do a custom listing and design and she did AND they are now available for you to add your cuties name & purchase too! They are sooo cute! I can't wait for the weather to change to something OTHER THAN A MILLION DEGREES so Shelby can wear them!
Go to Little Darling Designs and get your Little Darling some cuties!!
here is Julie's store announcement/information:
"WELCOME to my little Etsy Shop. I am a SAHM to one little boy and one little girl. I have been sewing for over 9 years. I specialize in handmade baby and children items, but at times will also offer things for the entire family. I am a fabric-aholic who loves to turn cute fabric into usable products.

You will find burps, bibs, blankets, diaper bags & purses, changing pads, dresses, embroidered shirts & onesies and many more items for sale.

Custom orders are always welcome and encouraged. Custom order take approximately 2 weeks, although most of the time I can get it in the mail within the week. I always sew and ship as soon as possible! If you need your order by a certain date, please contact me prior to placing your order. Rush orders may have an additional $5.00 charge.

Join my facebook fan page to learn about upcoming sales and ways to win free products and gift certificates.

I received a question about available sizes. Most of the children's clothing is available up to size 10 or 12. Most skirts can be made in any size, even adult sizes! All products in my shop can be custom ordered in the size and fabric of your choice. Please convo me to discuss your custom order or if you have any questions.

Thanks for visiting my little shop!!"

Thanks again Julie! I will be visiting you again soon, I know I will!
Here's more information in how you can find some "Cuties" of your own:
Her Blog
Facebook Page (if it doesn't show up, search on your Facebook search bar for Little Darling Designs)

Don't forget to click on the Giveaway link to the right and enter this month's giveaway hosted by Naptime Crafters!

~God bless,

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Bday w/ Ant Bites

Today is my soul mate's 31st Birthday & my little brother's 24th bday!!! Happy Bday "Uncle Bear!"

Josh has been super busy all week w/ work and hasn't had a lot of time to do anything so I'm HOPING to make tonight extra special for him.
Yesterday, Shelby & I were outside while it wasn't a MILLION AND A HALF degrees playin and I was letting her roam (1st mistake)around and she LOVES BIRDS so she was around one of our feeders (2nd mistake) and all the sudden I heard her yelping and she came running over to me and I had no idea what was wrong. She was wailing her arms in the air and I looked down and about had a heart attack! SHE WAS COVERED IN FIRE ANTS TO THE POINT I COULDN'T SEE HER SHOES OR FEET!! THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! They were up her legs, arms, EVERYWHERE!! I got what I could off of her outside and ran w/ her (and my STILL broken toe) inside and immediately striped her down to her diaper all the while killing ants and noticing how bad it was. I managed to get her clothes off in time to save her back, stomach, chest, upper legs & arms. She has a few bites on her arms and only one bite on her stomach but her poor right foot is AWFUL! Her left foot has a few bites as well as her toes but OMG HER RIGHT ANKLE, FOOT & TOES makes me cry! :( I couldn't save her! :( I am so used to her independance that it never occured to me to watch out for ants. Afterall, she and I feed the birds and fill the feeders every week and we never get bit! :( I'm TERRIFIED to let her down outside again. She already had a few bites from playin at Mammy's but OMG THESE ARE HORRIBLE! They are already blistered up and she WON'T LET YOU TOUCH THEM. They don't seem to bother her so we'll see. :('s official... I am a bad mom :(....
Here's proof:
On the upside, she seems fine and hasn't had any unusual behaviors. Just pray!
Back to my hubby's bday,
I love you Josh and you are the best husband and dad to Shelby I could ever dream of! You have been apart of my life for almost 15 years and they have been the best 15 years ever! Being married to you for almost 6 years now has truly been amazing!! Shelby is soo blessed to have you as her daddy and seeing you with her and how much you adore her makes me fall even more in love with you that I thought my heart could!!
I love you & hope you have a great birthday! We are truly thankful to have you in our lives!
~God bless & Happy Friday,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Naptime Crafter Featuring Me!!

If you remember the giveaway I did a while back for the coin purse? Well, I finished it and shipped it to Alishaand she wrote the sweetest post the coin purse and about me yesterday! Here's a pic of Alisha and her coin purse:

Thanks again Alisha!
Today's the day!!
Nap Time Crafters

Naptime Crafter is featuring Moi! You MUST go check it out b/c there's a HUGE surprise in her post! :)

~God bless,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This week's Woot Woot is all about my new favorite etsy store! I'm am a HUGE supporter of handmade items, duh!! lol... So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite items from a store that I buy from, love and support. :) I hope you will go check out Kathy & Teddy's amazing appliques! If you have an etsy fav. store or your own etsy store and want me to check it out, let me know and I'll be happy to go check it out and do a review & Woot Woot Wed. feature post!
Big Black Dog Designs

Here's a little bit about Kathy & Teddy, her ADORABLE "big black dog":
Sewing, machine embroidery, quilting are all passions of mine. Teddy, the BigBlackDog, is the inspiration behind the name of my shop. He has encouraged me to try new things and so together we began this venture. Teddy and I hope that you will enjoy our products and visiting our store. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Kathy at kat_radich [!at]
Applique designs by: designsbyjuju, planet applique and embroidery library.

I have ordered, let's see....7 AMAZING appliques from Kathy and they are all amazing! I recently received 4 of the 7 and I'm sooo excited to have them and ready to use them!! Here's the one's I've ordered but go check out her store and get some for yourself!
These are the one's I have in my paws

These are the cuties I CAN'T WAIT TO GET in the mail!

I can't wait to applique these amazing iron-on's to little outfits for Shelby and I'm thinkin of getting her name added to some as well! :) So go check out Kathy & Teddy's store and tell 'em Bekah from Bizzy B's sent ya!
~God bless,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random insanity

So I've been MIA again,b/c of my random insanity/insomnia!!! I've got SOOO MUCH GOIN ON my brain WILL NOT shut down at night so the past week and a half I've not been able to go to sleep till like 1am! I think it's "creative mind overload". That's my made-up self diagnosis! :) LOL..
Speakin of "self-diagnosis":
Ok so yesterday I was doing my usual load and unload the washer/dryer business and turned around and slammed my right pinky toe into the edge of the laundry room door and I JUST KNEW I did more than just hurt it. It is still throbbing and now looks like this:

Nice huh?! yeahp, broken.... I refuse to go to the dr. since it's obviously broken and all they'd do is tape it up and tell me it's broken so I played Dr. and did that myself. LOL... Just call me "Grace". lol
On the upside,
I'm being featured on
Nap Time Crafters
!!! Thursday is the day!!:) Go check it out!!
Also, here's some Shelby pics:

Ok so that's all I got for today but tomorrow will be some REALLY COOL Etsy stores you MUST checkout!
~God bless,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woot Woot TOO CUTE

Yeahp! You guessed it! It's "Woot Woot Wednesday!"
So this week has been outrageously busy but great even though I have had a HORRIBLE, and still have a horrible, chest cold that I'm goin to the dr. for today at 2:45pm since I've had it for a week today. Shelby's as awesome as ever and Bizzy B's is living up to it's name!
First off, we took Shelby to the fair and she loved it but I didn't take any pics b/c I had my cell phone camera and it was too dark but I did get some great pics of her watching the parade early in the afternoon Monday.

I love this one b/c her facial expression was too much! I sent it as a text blast w/ the caption, "Umm momma! dat band member is outta step!" LOL

She was a Hoot!!!

Bizzy B's being "Bizzy" is DEFINITELY an understatement! I've been soo busy dealing "business" online and via text that NO SEWING has been done this week. LOL... I did get 2 orders shipped out; ONE BEING ALISHA'S GIVEAWAY ZIPPER COIN PURSE!! :) I feel sooo amazingly blessed and overwhelmed by God's favor and grace that I can't help but smile and praise Him! There are GREAT opportunities and things to come for my little "hobby" and all the while, I'M AT HOME W/ THE BEST GIFT GOD GAVE US, Shelby! Can life really be this great!
I definitely am shouting "Woot Woot" today! Stay tuned for new things to come & some pretty cool showcasing, giveaways & product reviews I'll be involved in!

~God bless,