Friday, September 3, 2010


IT'S FINISHED!!! YEAH!!!!! This clutch didn't turn out to be the size I originally planned but I now know what to do and how to do it! See, my creative process is different than the average. I invision it, draw it out (sometimes), pick out color/fabrics & just cut it out, sew it up and hand-sew the details. :) NO PATTERNS involved!
I also am loving adding vintage touches these days to my pieces! :) The faux-pearl is a vintage clip-on earring and the teal & silver beaded piece is also a clip-on earring. The clasp is vintage as well. I have two more vintage clasps I'm going to use next and they are different sizes so we'll see how they look too! I love how this set turned out and how fun it is to see what's in my head now in my hands! This set will be shipped to Indiana for the auction but don't worry, I am going to make more!! :) For now, I just have Nichole wanting a clutch and maybe a set but that's it. I HOPE to get so many inquires that I have to make a list but ya know, I've come to realize God blesses me with my creativity to use for His glory and He ALWAYS provides me just enough business to satisfy my creative bug and to make a little money and never feel overwhelmed! :) That's why I feel like I'm in heaven on earth now that I'm a SAHM AND getting to sew and be passionate w/ my talents from the LORD.

Here's my #1 interest these days:

I know I'm biased but, OMG, SHE IS JUST GORGEOUS!!! She is doing her new faces & sounds, "OOoooooo" & "Cheeesssee!" She actually says, "Ceeeesssssee" lol!!
Today was my "Going Home" party from my former boss & co-workers and they wanted Shelby to come and OMG was it fun and Shelby was THE CENTER of everyone's attention! It was soo sweet and thoughtful! I am truly blessed to have had such a great group of co-workers for 5 years! I LOVE the cake and how thoughtful my boss was in chosing it and it's writing:
"Best Wishes Bekah As you follow Your Heart Home"

Thank you Lord for your continuous blessings and favor over my family and friends. I hope you have a blessed and happy LONG weekend and Labor Day! I am looking forward to Josh being home longer & us having a quiet and fun weekend as a family!
~God bless,


Jamie Creason said...

I just adore the new clutch bags (and the darling little cherub who is stealing your attention)....
I am off to check out your new lovelies! Good luck with them...just beautiful!

Lindsay said...

The bags are beautiful but not nearly as beautiful as Shelby! Your coworkers are sweeter than the norm, I think. :)

Found you doing a search for "handmade" at Top Mommy Blogs.

Now following, from, would love to see you stop by my place too!