Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random insanity

So I've been MIA again,b/c of my random insanity/insomnia!!! I've got SOOO MUCH GOIN ON my brain WILL NOT shut down at night so the past week and a half I've not been able to go to sleep till like 1am! I think it's "creative mind overload". That's my made-up self diagnosis! :) LOL..
Speakin of "self-diagnosis":
Ok so yesterday I was doing my usual load and unload the washer/dryer business and turned around and slammed my right pinky toe into the edge of the laundry room door and I JUST KNEW I did more than just hurt it. It is still throbbing and now looks like this:

Nice huh?! yeahp, broken.... I refuse to go to the dr. since it's obviously broken and all they'd do is tape it up and tell me it's broken so I played Dr. and did that myself. LOL... Just call me "Grace". lol
On the upside,
I'm being featured on
Nap Time Crafters
!!! Thursday is the day!!:) Go check it out!!
Also, here's some Shelby pics:

Ok so that's all I got for today but tomorrow will be some REALLY COOL Etsy stores you MUST checkout!
~God bless,

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jellaan said...

Your poor toe! :( I hope it is feeling better soon!!