Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wipes & Happy Bday Painting

This post DEFINITELY deserves a Woot Woot!! :) BTW, please let me know if you've added my "Can I getta Woot Woot" button. :) I'd like to blog about ya!
Yesterday was a great day! I got the house cleaned, which always makes me smile and is GREAT therapy for me, spent the great day w/ my sweet Shelby & got two creations made while she played & napped.
I finished this precious wipe case for a dear friend who wanted it back when she and her husband got word they were going to be blessed with a precious little baby girl by adoption. I was soo delighted to do this for her and then things changed and they did not get the blessing they had hoped for. They did not get the baby girl and were left devastated. I asked if she still wanted it and she said she did b/c she knew God would bless them one day and in the meantime she is keeping a friend's little girl and said she would use it w/ her! I am so excited to ship this to her! Thank you so much Jessica B. and I pray for you every day!!

Today is Lydia's Bday (my local BFF) and she's a 3rd grade teacher at our Christian school. The other 3rd grade teacher has her own name canvas and Lydia did not so since my MIL subs out there and happened to be subbing for the other 3rd grade class she "spied" for me since she was spending the last 3 weeks co-teaching w/ Lyd! :) She convinced me a canvas for her door would be a great b-day present so I agreed and got the great idea to paint her's reflecting her bubbly, lively, colorful personality! :) I think it's a great success! I gave it to her last night before our local Circl of Friends meeting and she LOVED IT! She said how much she's wanted one of these, (THANKS MAMMY!) and how she loved it and on and on! :)
Happy 35th bday Lyd! Love ya!! Can't wait to see it up!!

~God bless,


jellaan said...

I love your wipes! I wish I could make them look so nice!! I tried one once and it looked ok, but not nearly as nice as yours do.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the canvas!! I may have to do some snooping at my kids' schools and make each of their teachers one. Such a great idea!!

I added the Woot Woot button to my blog,

Jessica said...

Thank you so much Bekah. Love knowing that we still have so many praying for us. You are so sweet and super talented! Can't wait to get the case.