Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woot Woot TOO CUTE

Yeahp! You guessed it! It's "Woot Woot Wednesday!"
So this week has been outrageously busy but great even though I have had a HORRIBLE, and still have a horrible, chest cold that I'm goin to the dr. for today at 2:45pm since I've had it for a week today. Shelby's as awesome as ever and Bizzy B's is living up to it's name!
First off, we took Shelby to the fair and she loved it but I didn't take any pics b/c I had my cell phone camera and it was too dark but I did get some great pics of her watching the parade early in the afternoon Monday.

I love this one b/c her facial expression was too much! I sent it as a text blast w/ the caption, "Umm momma! dat band member is outta step!" LOL

She was a Hoot!!!

Bizzy B's being "Bizzy" is DEFINITELY an understatement! I've been soo busy dealing "business" online and via text that NO SEWING has been done this week. LOL... I did get 2 orders shipped out; ONE BEING ALISHA'S GIVEAWAY ZIPPER COIN PURSE!! :) I feel sooo amazingly blessed and overwhelmed by God's favor and grace that I can't help but smile and praise Him! There are GREAT opportunities and things to come for my little "hobby" and all the while, I'M AT HOME W/ THE BEST GIFT GOD GAVE US, Shelby! Can life really be this great!
I definitely am shouting "Woot Woot" today! Stay tuned for new things to come & some pretty cool showcasing, giveaways & product reviews I'll be involved in!

~God bless,

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