Saturday, September 11, 2010

Now is the Time to Worship

Tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 12) is what we used to call "High Attendance Sunday" at church but it is now called "National Back to Church Sunday."
This is a nation-wide day where the focus is on guests and inviting those who used to go to church or do not go at all. I am really feeling like God is at work and that Sunday is going to be HUGE, not in numbers but in worship to Him!
I was asked to decorate the alter table for this special Sunday and so I went around my house and gathered up all my favorite pieces! I am a fall/harvest-color child, even though I was born in February. I LOVE all the colors of fall!! In fact, my entire house, except for Shelby's pink room & the blue laundry room, are ALL in fall colors :). A lot of people don't know I like to decorate. I love it!! Anyway I can use my love's & talents for God, I'M ALL FOR IT!
Right now, my house looks like we've been robbed b/c all my little fav's are at the church now! LOL... I have issues w/ leaving my fav's there but it's the church and God's home and if it's going to get messed up or broken then I want it to be there!
Now is the time to worship!! If you are in the area, come worship w/ us Sunday! Sunday School starts at 9:30am (i think?? LOL I'm in Nursery 2 so I dunno) and the church service starts at 10:45am. We are on the bypass across from Walmart, Magnolia, AR! We'd love to have you!
~God bless,

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