Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Thanksgiving!

First off, I must say, I'm HONORED to know that this little jewel is wearing an outfit I made for her before she was even born!

It's HARPER!! Kelly's Korner's daughter! I just love it on her and can't believe she's finally big enough to wear it! Soo presh!

We had A GREAT THANKSGIVING camping!!! It was sooo beautiful seeing all the gorgeous fall colors and cool, crisp weather! It did rain once but that's ok! :) Here's pics from our trip!
While the guys set up, Shelby helped clean up the
 OMG, raking is hard work momma!
 Ok, I think I got this mom!
 Daddy & Pappy workin on unhitchin the trailer
 Our new home away from home!

 Oooo a stick!
 Hey! why you spyin on me?!
 Gotta get clean after a hard days work of rakin in my perfectly sized tub for Moi!

 Ready for Black Friday Shopping!!
 Wow! A sweet gum tree ball!
 Where's Shelby??
 There she is! Lil Miss Bucket-head! This is her thing now at least once a day.LOL

Here's some pics of the inside layout of the camper:

We did get our indoor Christmas decorations done but that's a post saved for another day! LOL....:) here's a sneak peak though of my new creation:
Personalized Christmas wreath:

~God bless,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Woot Woot Wednesday

So this Wednesday's Woot Woot is for being happy & thankful with "Hoo" you are and "Hoo" you have in your life! I've gone through a lot of up's and down's this year w/ friends but 2 things remains the same and that's God's love for me and my family & the love our family gives us. There's nothing like the bond of a family who's guided and fears the Lord!
"Peekaboo! I see you!"
We leave today at noon for a Family Thanksgiving Camping Trip and it's with the most important people in our lives, our parents. We are so blessed to EACH have Godly, wonderful parents and are truly thankful for them and their CONTINUOUS love & support! :) Not to mention Shelby has AWESOME grandparents!!
As you may know if you've been reading my blog for a while, Josh's parents are "Mammy & Pappy". We've gone round and round thinking of names for my parents and nothing just FITS my mom except.....Shelby said, "GeeGee" when she saw her yesterday!! :) So, "Gee Gee" it is and my dad is "Gramps"! :) It was truly precious! We'd been callin my mom Grammy but it doesn't fit her. "Gee Gee" does, to me anyway! :)
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday w/ family & friends!

~God bless,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tutorials Tuesday!

Ok so Blogger didn't publish this post when I TOLD IT TO and this has happened numerous other times so does anyone have any tips?? I usually write my posts to be published prior to the actual day it's to be posted. It's always works but lately, it's not workin out right.....anyhoo....
Wowza!! I am a tutorial diva and LOVE THEM! I am a visual creator so if you hand me a pattern, it takes me FOREVER to make something but if you show me and/or send me pics of something, I can figure it out and crank it out in no time at all! I guess that's the artist in me! My mother loves patterns and me, I can use them and have gotten better at using them, but they stress me out and give me a headache! LOL too much pinning, cutting & blah blah blah.... :) wastes my time! :) LOL....
Ok, so  my first AWESOME tutorial that I found at My Junk Drawer.

Kristen blogged about this AWESOME Christmas wreath that Just a Girl did a tutorial on and thought it would be great to showcase today!!
Go here to learn how to make your own SIMPLE awesome wreath that would cost a small fortune in a store!IMG_8328

The next AWESOME tutorial I think is worth featuring is from Naptime Crafters and is for an ADORABLE Turtleneck Dress.


And last but CERTAINLY not least, is a tutorial from Ucreate. She featured this tutorial from Brown Paper Packages and it's just too cute for words!

I JUST LOVE personalized things that are EASY to make!

Ok well that's it for today and I'm in love w/ all these items! WHENEVER things slow down, I HOPE to make them for my own! :) LOL... Ok, well back to cleaning, laundry, packing, OH MY... :)  

~God bless,

Monday, November 22, 2010


"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."
1 Chronicles 16:33-35

Take this time to cherish the ones you have, remember the ones who are gone & love the ones to come!
I feel like the world has forgotten Thanksgiving since all I see are Christmas decorations everywhere! We must give thanks to the Lord for giving His Son to us who we always need to celebrate.
We are veto-ing the usual Thanksgiving routine this year and all going camping! My parents, josh's parents and our family of 3 are headin out Wed. and Bryce's Cafeteria will be providing our food for Thanksgiving :) Ahhh no dishes or cooking for me!
One last thing, I will be away off & on from my blog b/c of the holidays and because I am officially booked up for Christmas sewing! I will take orders that aren't needed until after Christmas though, but all orders needed before or for Christmas are officially not being taken. I am swamped and being away last Wed. (Wed.'s are my sewing days) and being gone this coming Wed. are throwin a cramp in my style.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

~God bless,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bizzy B's is an understatement lol

I am quickly becoming "bizzy-er & bizzy-er" as the Christmas season approaches. I AM SOO BLESSED AND THANKFUL FOR THIS! God is soo awesome and giving me opportunites and sending new people my way that I can minister to through my sewing! :) Here is a list of my "To do before Christmas" projects:
  • 2 Girly Custom Duffle/Dance-size bags w/ Custom monogramming & zipper closures (*NEW* Product!)
  • 1  size 4 Zebra Christmas Outfit w/ M2M Bow (Like this one I did for Ashely's little girl)
  • Clutch set for a special teen
  • 4 Vintage Clutches
  • 4 Checkbook covers
  • 4 Coin purses
These are projects that aren't due before Christmas but soon after:
  • Custom Diaper Bag w/ Wipe Case & monogramming
  • Rainbow flower Tutu's (*NEW* Product!)
  • Custom Burp Clothes (*NEW* Product!)
So as you can see....I'm a LITTLE SWAMPED...but SOOO LOVIN IT! :) I've also gotta decorate my house for CHRISTMAS! LOL.. Yes, I think I've also decided to put ALL 4+ TREES UP! The only one that we will have to carefully decorate (glass/fragile ornaments at the top & out of "little hands" reach) is our great room tree b/c it's on tile but the others are on carpet (in the bedrooms). Here (GOSH SHELBY IS SOO LITTLE IN THAT POST :( ) is how I've decorated in the past but I'm gonna vamp it up this year w/ LOTS MORE door decor and mantel decor. We are also putting my villages on top of my kitchen cabinets this year, which we didn't do last year because we were still too tired to. LOL....I can't wait though!
We are also NOT DOING a traditional Thanksgiving celebration. We are all going camping!! :) We= me, Josh, Shelby, my parents & Josh's parents! My parents and Mammy & Pappy have their own campers and up until today, we were w/o b/c we sold our motorhome a while back and Josh & I decided to go camper shopping yesterday and found one we love and decided we were going to get it so we go tomorrow to pick it up! It's gonna be sooo useful for us and it's EXACTLY what we need! We ARE NOT tent campers and yes to some of you this type of camping is not camping but to us, it is and we've done this forever! I've "camped" since I was 10 (at least) so this is something I love to do and we enjoy it! :)

we love that the bathroom is it's own room that's accessible from the outside! :)
have a great weekend!! :) OH, also THE MISTLETOE FAIR IN TEXARKANA IS THIS WEEKEND TOO (it's like a smaller version of Holiday House!! :) I'M SURE WE'LL BE MAKING A TRIP!
~God bless,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Woot Woot Worn OUT Wednesday!

Worn Out.... total understatement! lol... however, my energy is ALWAYS enough for Josh & this little ball of energy...
(Thank You Mollie for taking this adorable pic of S! )

 I started off my exhausting week (2weeks) w/ my Pamphered Chef party that I hosted at my home and had a GREAT group of ladies come & one in particular who took these photos...

Thanks Meredith for coming!!! Love ya girl!!

And then....well....this little jewel is just too cute to not include in a Woot Woot

The ADORABLE shirt she is wearing and the ones below ALL came from Little Darlings Designs and she is awesome to work w/ and give ideas to & she made these shirts for Shelby!! I just love them!!! The only thing is that I'm wearin myself out keepin them clean. LOL....why o why did I order white shirts??? LOL....o well.. Thank you Oxy Clean Max Force!

Yesterday, amongst all else that's goin on, I dropped this box of HEAVY somethings on my foot off of our laundry room clothes rack shelf and found that I had not done Shelby's plaster hand prints from this kit my life-long friend Amy T. gave us before Shelby was born so I FORCED Shelby w/ screams, kicking, fit throwing hands to do this for me and I think it turned out beautifully & I will treasure it forever! The kit has one for every year till she's like 5!! :)

Ok so the main cause of exhaustion this week was the Ladies Night Out I participated in Monday night. It was a great night to see the ladies again that I was w/ last month but it wasn't a great night of sales, for anyone I think. O was still fun & I gave out business cards & got my name & face out there! I had a great location, RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE, thanks to the girls who got set-up before me and thought I needed to be there b/c they said my displaying is so cute and inviting. LOL... thanks!
(disregard my ghetto sign...yes it's poster board w/ magic marker...I'm so embarrassed...I need to order a vinyl banner/sign. Any suggestions to where to get a full-color one CHEAP?)

my Christmas tree w/ bows & clips on it! lol

what a night!!!!

Well, lots more to do to prepare for Thanksgiving & Christmas, which btw is coming WAAAAYYYYY too fast! I'll be taking order up until Nov. 30th but will be limiting what all I can take (vintage clutch sets MUST BE ordered ASAP b/c the clasps come from Japan & take a while to be shipped). I am already booking up fast so I may or may not close to orders for Christmas sooner than the 30th but we'll see! However, there's always time to read a good book w/ my love...

~God bless,