Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Woot Woot Worn OUT Wednesday!

Worn Out.... total understatement! lol... however, my energy is ALWAYS enough for Josh & this little ball of energy...
(Thank You Mollie for taking this adorable pic of S! )

 I started off my exhausting week (2weeks) w/ my Pamphered Chef party that I hosted at my home and had a GREAT group of ladies come & one in particular who took these photos...

Thanks Meredith for coming!!! Love ya girl!!

And then....well....this little jewel is just too cute to not include in a Woot Woot

The ADORABLE shirt she is wearing and the ones below ALL came from Little Darlings Designs and she is awesome to work w/ and give ideas to & she made these shirts for Shelby!! I just love them!!! The only thing is that I'm wearin myself out keepin them clean. LOL....why o why did I order white shirts??? LOL....o well.. Thank you Oxy Clean Max Force!

Yesterday, amongst all else that's goin on, I dropped this box of HEAVY somethings on my foot off of our laundry room clothes rack shelf and found that I had not done Shelby's plaster hand prints from this kit my life-long friend Amy T. gave us before Shelby was born so I FORCED Shelby w/ screams, kicking, fit throwing hands to do this for me and I think it turned out beautifully & I will treasure it forever! The kit has one for every year till she's like 5!! :)

Ok so the main cause of exhaustion this week was the Ladies Night Out I participated in Monday night. It was a great night to see the ladies again that I was w/ last month but it wasn't a great night of sales, for anyone I think. O was still fun & I gave out business cards & got my name & face out there! I had a great location, RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE, thanks to the girls who got set-up before me and thought I needed to be there b/c they said my displaying is so cute and inviting. LOL... thanks!
(disregard my ghetto sign...yes it's poster board w/ magic marker...I'm so embarrassed...I need to order a vinyl banner/sign. Any suggestions to where to get a full-color one CHEAP?)

my Christmas tree w/ bows & clips on it! lol

what a night!!!!

Well, lots more to do to prepare for Thanksgiving & Christmas, which btw is coming WAAAAYYYYY too fast! I'll be taking order up until Nov. 30th but will be limiting what all I can take (vintage clutch sets MUST BE ordered ASAP b/c the clasps come from Japan & take a while to be shipped). I am already booking up fast so I may or may not close to orders for Christmas sooner than the 30th but we'll see! However, there's always time to read a good book w/ my love...

~God bless,


Ashley said...

I love all of your stuff and love the blog!!!! ;)

Meredith said...

Bekah! I had so much fun! Hope you and Josh had a great time today! Love you too girl!