Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woot Woot Boot cute!!

So I love to read Naptime Crafters blog and OMG last week she posted the CUTEST tutorial on how to make these:

You can make your own using her tutorial  & pattern that she so graciously posted! I CAN'T WAIT to make Shelby some!! :)
Thanks Amy! :)

I am all about Boots on Shelby! LOL... I found these at Target for $14!! :) I got her the tan (like the tan in the boots above, like the Ugg tans! :) ) and the hot pink! I'm soo glad she can wear SOME size 5 shoes! :) Baby shoes just aren't up to par for me! Except the Squeaky shoes!
Product Image Toddler Girls' Circo® Danalynn Suede Boots - Pink
Shelby LOVES THESE! She just prances around! LOL....
I'm also IN LOVE w/ Jumping Bean clothes from Kohls!! :) Sooo cute! They have these CUTE little separates that are sooo adorable and soft! I'm all about comfort for Shelby & cuteness!

ONLY $7!!!!
Jumping Beans Knit PantsJumping Beans Fleece Pants
ONLY $5!!!
Jumping Beans Microfleece Hoodie - Infant
Just love it! :)
Anyhoo.... I have a problem, not professionally diagnosed, w/ shopping for Shelby! LOL.. Kohl's ISN'T HELPING!!!!!!! lol..

Last night I hosted my first Pamphered Chef party and it was so fun!! Mary Ellen is my consultant and it was her first cooking party and she did SOOOO GREAT! "WOOT WOOT" to her! I am not closing out the order until Monday so if you want to order from me, go here, browse around let me know what you want and i'll fill out an order for you and getcha covered!!
Here are some of my fav's that I'm ordering:
Large Bamboo Square Bowl
These are cool, they hook onto the side of the salad bowl!!
Bamboo Salad Claws
Deep Covered Baker — Cranberry

Mix ‘N Chop
And last but not least, my fav's are ANY of their Stoneware! The Pizza Stone is a must if you don't have one but I'm going to get the Medium Bar Pan:
~God bless,

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Mrs. Claus said...

Love those cow girl boots! Adorable!!