Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bizzy B's is an understatement lol

I am quickly becoming "bizzy-er & bizzy-er" as the Christmas season approaches. I AM SOO BLESSED AND THANKFUL FOR THIS! God is soo awesome and giving me opportunites and sending new people my way that I can minister to through my sewing! :) Here is a list of my "To do before Christmas" projects:
  • 2 Girly Custom Duffle/Dance-size bags w/ Custom monogramming & zipper closures (*NEW* Product!)
  • 1  size 4 Zebra Christmas Outfit w/ M2M Bow (Like this one I did for Ashely's little girl)
  • Clutch set for a special teen
  • 4 Vintage Clutches
  • 4 Checkbook covers
  • 4 Coin purses
These are projects that aren't due before Christmas but soon after:
  • Custom Diaper Bag w/ Wipe Case & monogramming
  • Rainbow flower Tutu's (*NEW* Product!)
  • Custom Burp Clothes (*NEW* Product!)
So as you can see....I'm a LITTLE SWAMPED...but SOOO LOVIN IT! :) I've also gotta decorate my house for CHRISTMAS! LOL.. Yes, I think I've also decided to put ALL 4+ TREES UP! The only one that we will have to carefully decorate (glass/fragile ornaments at the top & out of "little hands" reach) is our great room tree b/c it's on tile but the others are on carpet (in the bedrooms). Here (GOSH SHELBY IS SOO LITTLE IN THAT POST :( ) is how I've decorated in the past but I'm gonna vamp it up this year w/ LOTS MORE door decor and mantel decor. We are also putting my villages on top of my kitchen cabinets this year, which we didn't do last year because we were still too tired to. LOL....I can't wait though!
We are also NOT DOING a traditional Thanksgiving celebration. We are all going camping!! :) We= me, Josh, Shelby, my parents & Josh's parents! My parents and Mammy & Pappy have their own campers and up until today, we were w/o b/c we sold our motorhome a while back and Josh & I decided to go camper shopping yesterday and found one we love and decided we were going to get it so we go tomorrow to pick it up! It's gonna be sooo useful for us and it's EXACTLY what we need! We ARE NOT tent campers and yes to some of you this type of camping is not camping but to us, it is and we've done this forever! I've "camped" since I was 10 (at least) so this is something I love to do and we enjoy it! :)

we love that the bathroom is it's own room that's accessible from the outside! :)
have a great weekend!! :) OH, also THE MISTLETOE FAIR IN TEXARKANA IS THIS WEEKEND TOO (it's like a smaller version of Holiday House!! :) I'M SURE WE'LL BE MAKING A TRIP!
~God bless,


jellaan said...

Yeah for orders!! :) Congrats on the new camper. I camped from the time I was very little. We always had a popup camper growing up. I ove the camper you picked out....would love to have one. My husband thinks camping isn't camping unless your in a tent, but I agree with you! Not much of a tent camper either!!

Karen said...

Is Mistletoe Fair at the fairgrounds? Ting and I are going to Texarkana Saturday and may check it out. Always heard of it, but never been.