Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday House Recovery

"Recovery" is a TOTAL understatement! Thanks to Holiday House 2010, I will be helping Josh get our Christmas tubs down this weekend and let the decorating begin! :) I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING! "What about Thanksgiving?" I have decorated for "Fall" but since we aren't having Thanksgiving at my house (We're HOPING to all go camping) what's the point of keeping it decorated and PLUS we can get more out of the decor and love it longer! It hurts for me to say this but I DON'T THINK I'LL BE PUTTING UP MY TRADITIONAL 4 FULL-SIZE TREES THIS YEAR... :( *tear*....yeahp, that hurts. :( I just worry about Sheebee Shake destroying them! LOL...we'll see!
Anyway, here's to the Holiday House that I WILL BE GOING TO AGAIN NEXT NOV.!! :) O to tha M G!!! IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!!! Here's some pics....

 My Fav glass artist, Chihuly on display at the Convention Center

Shelby was fascinated by pretty much everything! We stayed at The Peabody, which if you go to this next year, that's the best way to go b/c it's connected to the Convention Center and you can valet and never have to use your vehicle! :) Shelby loved the views from our hotel!

 The ducks pretty much did her in and blew her mind! She "OOooo'ed" and "oooo'd" at them!
 This pic was actually at Garden Ridge and she FELL IN LOVE W/ THESE HUGE EXPENSIVE DEER and it was a BAAADDDD idea letting her hold them b/c when I took them away it was like I cut off her arm so we found a much smaller AND CHEAPER deer that pacified her. Yes, I'm one of "Those" mom's who gives her what she wants to keep her happy while I shop. DON'T JUDGE! lol
 This pic and the next one CRACKS ME UP! we were waiting for our vehicle to come while she thought it was time to read a book and someone disturbed her and this was the look she gave (above) and below she just didn't let it bother her too much! LOL

 On the way out of the Holiday House w/ cheese snacks in hand!
 Yes, she climed into the trashcan in the hotel and thought it was funny! LOL So did I! Oh and it was clean AND EMPTY :)
The famous Peabody ducks!

Overall, this was a great and TIRESOME weekend but soooo worth it! Shelby, mom & I had a blast!!

~God bless,

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A Plain Path said...

Lovely pics...Shelby is adorable. And I'm with her, I love ducks!