Monday, November 1, 2010

Is it really Nov. 1st??

Seriously? Really? It's November??? Whaaaaaaaaaaatt??! wow....Thank GOODNESS Mom & I are goin to Little Rock this weekend for the Holiday House so MAYBE I can get some Christmas shopping done or at least get ideas! I'm gonna TRY to make most of my gifts but we'll see! LOL...Shelby's coming too so it should be interesting! LOL...but overall a great girls weekend w/ my mom! Plus, we're stayin at The Peabody! Shelby will FREAK OUT when she sees there are LIVE DUCKS living in the hotel! LOL I Can't wait!!

Our church had our annual Fall Festival yesterday on Halloween and it was great! We have always had Trunk or Treat! It's soo fun and safe! Church members & their families volunteer to decorate their "trunks/tailgates" in their choice of decor and pass out candy and play games! Sooo fun!
Our trunk was "Mulegating" which is REALLY what we do down here instead of "tailgate" at the football game, we Mulegate! :) LOL...I painted Molly the Mule (which really is our mascot's name) w/ her behind her fence w/ some hay on plywood and the sign. I think it turned out great! We didn't win the trunk decor contest but I think it was by far our best yet!! Mammy & her friend Debbie man-ed the trunk/tailgate while we "trunk or treated" w/ Shelby!

Shelby was such a cutie this morning in her Halloween outfit that, YES, she only wore today (ONCE) and can't wear again, unless I take it apart and salvage it! LOL...She has had a NASTY nose all weekend and hasn't been herself so this pics was ASTOUNDING to get! I LOVE IT THOUGH! Yes, there's juice all over her, boogers in her nose, but all I see is her sweet smile!!!

That evening she wore her costume and TO MY SURPRISE, she kept it all one well!! :) She loved it! LOL Yes, I HAD TO add the bow b/c she's just not Tooda w/o her Big Bow & squeaky shoes! LOL...A friend of mine said, "I know I didn't see her but I knew she was here b/c I heard her shoes and I always know they belong to Shelby!" LOL...

How could ANYONE deny there is a God after seeing such a precious child?

One last thing, Please RSVP to attend the online holiday shopping event I will be participating in that is ONLY FOR 48 hours on Nov. 12-13th! I have a link to it on the right-hand column or right here:

~God bless,


A Plain Path said...

Shelby is adorable...and I could only see that smile! :D The bow on her costume was the perfect touch.

Mrs. Claus said...

BTW! Very cool Molly the Mule! You did such a great job. I'm glad I got to meet your parents. I don't think I had met them before.

CindyC said...

What a happy little tiger! Boogers and all, she looks like she had a blast :)

The Real Housewife of Bowie County said...

Bekah, Thank you so much for your sweet post regarding my blog entry about adoption. I was very upset that one person had such a negative reaction to it. It means a lot to me that someone who does know what I've been through could read it the way I intended it. Shelby is the answer to many prayers. She was meant to come the way she did, when she did. I also know that Josh and you spent a lot of time praying for direction about what to do. Love you guys!