Thursday, September 25, 2014


Yesterday was Josh's 35th birthday! Looking back through pics of us it's hard to believe how we've grown, not just physically....
Dec.2001 Josh's SAU Graduation and my Freshman year at SAU

My high school sweetheart!

Dec. 11, 2004

Our very first picture together on the day we started dating back in July of 1999

we spent many-a-summer together with family on the lake...

Shelby and I couldn't wait to give him his present so we did it Tuesday night before his big banquet he was over at SAU.  HE LOVED IT! We got him a beautiful watch that has a blue face.  Since his birthday fell on a weekday and a busy week for him, I knew a dinner was out so instead I planned a surprise luncheon at his favorite Mexican restaurant here in town. It worked! He had NO IDEA!
Thank you JuJu for helping me and for the pics!

It's been such a crazy week and it was too late to take pics of the babies w/ Josh last night but I will soon!
It was also my brother's 28th bday and the kids had special Bday videos to send to him on his special day:

Happy belated birthday you two! I love you both more each day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

His first words...

It's official!
Rhett has said his first words! I bet you can't guess what it was!
not maa maa or Momma.. but
Daa Daa Daa Daa... and he KEEPS SAYING it's the cutest thing!!He's 6 months old and sittin up on his own, until he gets lazy and then just falls back, which scares the crap outta me!!

yeah, gotta trick him when he eats cause this boy DOES NOT want to be spoon fed LOL

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Fair the Fair!!

yeahp! it's that time of year again! However, the fair saturday was MUCH NICER than the fair this week is here in Magnolia.  We went to mom and dad's fair in Texarkana Saturday and I WAS ACTUALLY COOL! I KNOW?!! It was so fun though! This time last year, i was pregnant riding rides w/ Shelby. LOL..

this is the FUNNIEST thing I've seen.. Farmer Rhett and Farmer Shelby

Shelby wanted Daddy to ride the spinning elephants  and the slide w/ her but she wanted me to ride the rest w/ her and i GLADLY did! She got a HUGE kick out of Josh and I riding the Scrambler together...she said "Oh my gosh it went so fast and you were screaming more than I was on the other rides mommy!" Wish I had a picture of that!

Rhett wasn't so sure about the fair stuff and what it was all about! lol

Monday kicked off our fair here in Magnolia! Shelby rode in the Fair Parade, as usual, with her dance studio, KDAS, which WON the fair parade! This year's recital...can you tell what it will be? :) hee hee... Can't wait to see shelby involved this year as her first year as a competition team member!
"There's No Place Like KDAS..."
Their favorite jazz teacher, Miss RandeeJo Langley, who's also Miss SAU!

Shelby's favorite dancer, Ali...or should we say Dorothy!


We went to the Columbia County Fair last night, here in our town and it was SOOO CROWDED....and i'm not sure if shelby had as much fun as she did Saturday but she seemed to enjoy herself. We just couldn't do it all because of the crowds and it was bedtime but it was nice to be together as a family!
Rhett wasn't as excited as shelby
Rhett's first Col. County Fair!
I must say, the Carousel was THE MOST beautiful one I've seen. There were all kinds of animals on it and the lighting and overall design of it was breath-taking! Shelby, of course, chose the Zebra because after all, zebra's are her favorite!
Shelby only got to ride 2 rides and play 2 games but I think it was ok... Saturday at Texarkana's made-up for it, i hope!