Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

Is our lil social butterfly adorable!!!! I hate we didn't get a family picture :(
Happy Fall Y'all! Since we don't "believe" in Halloween we had fun at a lot of Fall Fests tonight!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dry Erase Display Plates

A lot of people don't know my original create-love is painting, on anything really. I was able to go to college for free b/c of my painting, drawing and design love and thats something I've recently picked back up b/c Christ gave me my talents for a reason and purpose and its my duty to use them for His glory!
A friend of my mom's commissioned me to paint 10 of my Dry Erase Display Plates for gifts and gave me specific details of what she wanted. I think they all turned out great! I'm especially proud of the monogram of gold plate that is going to be traveling to a kitchen all the way in NYC!!!! This is the couple's "official" monogram :) and I'm honored to recreate it for them!
I do sell these and can downy design you might want for your home or friend's! The total cost is $20 (if they are shipped and to be shipped safe and sound) and $10 for those local enough for them to be delivered by hand or picked up! This does include your marker and choice of bow or not. The bows are Velcro'd on so you can add a different bow of choice for your seasons or occasions (I do make and sell different bows as well).
All the plates ARE NOT SAFE to eat on and ARE NOT dishwasher safe NOR CANNOT BE submerged in water. To clean them, use Windex and a soft cloth. Easy peasy! The painted area IS SEALED so it will not come off when cleaned properly. Feel free to send ideas my way for your Christmas gifts! These are a fast turn around so I only need time really for shipping if they are to be shipped. I can and will be taking orders for these up til Christmas for gifts. If you live locally or close enough for you to drive or meet me, I can even do yours for those hard to shop for family members on Christmas Eve!! Lol. Email, Facebook, text, message,!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life & new adventures

Due to "life" I've neglected my blog, again.... My dad's mom died Friday, visitation was Sunday and the funeral was Monday. The weekend was a whirlwind of emotions and family, but was a celebration of Granma's life, her marriage of 71 YEARS and how awesome a woman she was to those she touched and reached.

This was taken the day Shelby was born and the first time Granma met and held "her baby".
Also, I was to start work Monday for 2 days a week at SAU again but due to the funeral, I started today! :) I had a great day!!!!! Im working in the Communications Center where all the print work, copying, University designing, etc. happens. Definitely up my alley!!! Working with adults 2 days a week, still getting to sew when I choose and remaining a SAHM!
Shelby's growing sooo fast and is unbelievable!!! Night before last she decided she was to big to sleep in a pull up so she fought us to wear panties and we told her if she needed to pee pee to tell us over the monitor and we would come get her. Well when I went to get her yesterday to wake her up, she says, " momma I need to pee pee now". Plain as that! Hahaha and then rode her tricycle for the first time without any help!! I have a video on my phone but have NO IDEA how to upload it on here through Blogger. Any ideas!!?????
This weekend will have lots of cute Halloween/Fall Fest pics of Shelby!! For now, this is all i've got...

Taken by a worker in Graduate Studies at SAU' Homecoming 2011

Our sweet lil pun-kin....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

This week's tutorial is on how I made Shelby's lion tee. Being that this weekend was Homecoming here at SAU and since I'm a Phi Mu I thought sheebee needed a Lion shirt!!

First off, I measured a square for the lions face and ironed it onto fusible webbing/ paper that's used for appliqués. I then drew my design on the pap side and cut it all out as so...I did the same thing w/ the brown Minky Dot pieces for his chops and inner ears and pink heart for the nose...

What I did then was keep the face in the place I wanted it and began pinning ribbon loops strategically around his head I tacked the bottom layer down w/ a single stitch or two by hand.

And pinned..... And pinned....

Then after I got it all pinned I took the face off that was just there for a guide and sewed all the ribbon loops or "mane" all around making sure to get every single ribbon attached. I then put a bit of stuffing on the empty space where his face is to make it puffy and appliquéd it. Since my machine boycotted my Minky Dot fabric again, I just decided to paint the face and details...

Taa daa!!!! Shelby's friendly lion shirt! She got tons of compliments today at Homecoming!! Even the Phi Mu's liked it!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Lotz of thoughts today and some great ideas from sites and Pintrest for activities for our Lil ones!
God really has blessed us tremendously and even has opened new doors that we never dreamed of. However we decided that God wants us to stay where we are and draw close to Him and seek His face. See, we were offered to move 5+ hours away to a town we know nothing about and have no ties or roots to and as inciting and wonderful it sounded, God never gave us a peace about it and these 2 weeks have been tough and sleepless deciding what God was telling us. He told us we should stay put and seek His face and He will provide wonderful and new things for us!!

Needless to say we are all happy!!

During my sleepless nights, I decided to surf Pintrest and came across some pretty awesome ideas for a Quiet Book for Shelby and as a new Bizzy B's product.
This one is my favorite:

And love these too...
In fact, this is my favorite!!!!

And this of course!!!

I just live all these and I'm thinking of making Shelby one for Christmas!! You can go to the sites listed as the "Via's" and get her tips and some templates!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

MusicFest 2011

This weekend was the best time! I sold lots, had fun, saw Boys II Men in concert, and got to spend 2 whole days with Josh ! We missed Shelby but definitely had fun and were plenty busy!!!! Heres what my booth looked like and my creations I sold and still selling ( see anything you want, if it's gone, I can remake it )

My gorgeous sign thanks to BuildASign for my gorgeous vinyl banner!! Made my booth gorgeous and look sooo professional!!!

Custom wipe cases

My new item, which was a huge seller, Bizzy Buddies for those moments, as Josh says, you need to save your dinner together with those lil ones! Encourages creativity instead of placing a DS or whatever electronic in their faces!

Custom personalized initial wreaths. Can be done in any colors and painted any colors for the letter. I made all of it, except the grapevine wreath it came from


And my other HUGE SELLING ITEM next to the Bizzy Buddies above,
Dry Erase Plates

Wheeeeee what a weekend!!!