Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Lotz of thoughts today and some great ideas from sites and Pintrest for activities for our Lil ones!
God really has blessed us tremendously and even has opened new doors that we never dreamed of. However we decided that God wants us to stay where we are and draw close to Him and seek His face. See, we were offered to move 5+ hours away to a town we know nothing about and have no ties or roots to and as inciting and wonderful it sounded, God never gave us a peace about it and these 2 weeks have been tough and sleepless deciding what God was telling us. He told us we should stay put and seek His face and He will provide wonderful and new things for us!!

Needless to say we are all happy!!

During my sleepless nights, I decided to surf Pintrest and came across some pretty awesome ideas for a Quiet Book for Shelby and as a new Bizzy B's product.
This one is my favorite:

And love these too...
In fact, this is my favorite!!!!

And this of course!!!

I just live all these and I'm thinking of making Shelby one for Christmas!! You can go to the sites listed as the "Via's" and get her tips and some templates!

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