Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dry Erase Display Plates

A lot of people don't know my original create-love is painting, on anything really. I was able to go to college for free b/c of my painting, drawing and design love and thats something I've recently picked back up b/c Christ gave me my talents for a reason and purpose and its my duty to use them for His glory!
A friend of my mom's commissioned me to paint 10 of my Dry Erase Display Plates for gifts and gave me specific details of what she wanted. I think they all turned out great! I'm especially proud of the monogram of gold plate that is going to be traveling to a kitchen all the way in NYC!!!! This is the couple's "official" monogram :) and I'm honored to recreate it for them!
I do sell these and can downy design you might want for your home or friend's! The total cost is $20 (if they are shipped and to be shipped safe and sound) and $10 for those local enough for them to be delivered by hand or picked up! This does include your marker and choice of bow or not. The bows are Velcro'd on so you can add a different bow of choice for your seasons or occasions (I do make and sell different bows as well).
All the plates ARE NOT SAFE to eat on and ARE NOT dishwasher safe NOR CANNOT BE submerged in water. To clean them, use Windex and a soft cloth. Easy peasy! The painted area IS SEALED so it will not come off when cleaned properly. Feel free to send ideas my way for your Christmas gifts! These are a fast turn around so I only need time really for shipping if they are to be shipped. I can and will be taking orders for these up til Christmas for gifts. If you live locally or close enough for you to drive or meet me, I can even do yours for those hard to shop for family members on Christmas Eve!! Lol. Email, Facebook, text, message,!

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