Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crazy week....but...

Is still happening this week.....amongst all my maniac sewing to prepare for my first festival in 3 years happening this weekend!! Lol
Anyway, this week's tutorial is a new addition to Shelby's felt board lessons
ABC Kids
Each kid has a letter on their tummy and a color and object that is associated with that letter. So far Shelby's favorite letter is D b/c she's a dancer. She even named I and J after her two fav guys, Josh (daddy) and Isaiah (preachers 3 yr old son and her bff)

Since I forget where I got the PDF for each letter/kid I've put them here below. All I did was print them on card stock, cut out and add a small leftover piece of Velcro (the scratchy side). Done!

I think I found them somewhere through one of OopsyDaisy's Mommy School lessons a while back. Happy printing and crafting! Look for pics of MusicFest items I'm taking to come or better yet, come visit my booth Friday and Saturday in El Dorado!

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