Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday!

Since my new addiction to Pintrest I've found soooooo many cool projects I wanna make and they include decor, recipes, sewing, crafts, etc.... Since it's officially fall, even though it's still hot as all get out here most days, I thought I'd show a fav tutorial from Wild Ink

I'm definitely wanting to do these!!!!!!! Here's how ya do it...

First, get cha some pumpkins! I would prefer to use the fake ones so they'll last for yrs to come but it's up to u! Get all sizes! I like the unique shapes! Gourds will be cool too!
Hers how to do the glitter ones...

It’s pretty simple. Brush the pumpkins with glue and then dust the glitter on!

Here's another options she did...

Wild Ink says, "Spray Paint. Possibly the easiest (and one of the cheapest) decorating sources ever. I used cans we had on hand already – I recommend keeping around black, white and an array of metallics – you’ll be craftier just by having them, I promise. Pictured above is Antique Brass and Copper. I did tape the stems to keep them from being sprayed."
And last but not least, her spray painted branches...lovely!!

Pretty self explanatory!!! :) great ideas huh??!!!
Happy crafting!! Check out
Wild Ink blog!

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