Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Educational Craft

Been a while, I know, since I've done a tutorial.
Today is....

Yesterday sheebee & I got bored so I thought, hmm what's a way I can do her lessons and keep her interested and have fun too???? I didn't create the activity idea but I did create my own way of doing it and it didn't cost me a dime! I used all left over craft supplies to do this and Shelby even helped!
Felt Board

Instant hit and only took maybe 30 min to do!
All you need is:
canvas of your choice in size
ribbons: wide ribbon and 1" for edges
hot glue
felt in all colors
Scrap paper/ fabric in width of canvas

Lets start!!!
Sheebee is helping!

Take your canvas and hot glue the large piece of felt (I used a yellow orange so the color felt I had would show up) around the edges NOT THE MIDDLE B/c it will bubble and not be smooth.
Then where your canvas is still visible; the edges, take your ribbon,I used wide ribbon so it would wrap around the canvas edge but it's not necessary b/c I used 1" wide ribbon to cover the canvas edges, take and glue and wrap your wide ribbon around and cover the white canvas.
Do the same on all 4 edges. Then I took my 1" wide zebra ribbon and glued it to the edges to cover imperfections and glued a piece as a hanger to use for display.

Then I took a piece of scrap paper, you can use fabric if you want, and make a pocket to house your felt pieces for your lil one on the back. I glued the two side edges and just tucked the bottom into the canvas.

I made mine a lil too tight but it still works.
I cut out shapes in all colors and am working on letters and #s. Animals would be fun too! Mom had a great idea to use sheebee's flash cards and have her find the felt animal that matches the animal on the flash card.

This is such a simple and fun project b/c it's simile enough that even the youngest can play and there not mess involved!!!

Happy learning!!

Here's another idea from yesterday's post too

Oh and featured on

Natsprat today is one of my favorite tutorials she's done! It's NO SEWING REQUIRED!! I also love it b/c Shelby's bedding is the same as hers!

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