Monday, September 12, 2011

back to reality

All week long we've had the pleasure of having our great friends and my best gal pal from Indiana stay in our home. They drove 12 hours!!! We all had a blast and are sad they left yesterday but are already planning on our next visit which we all realized, Nichole will have a newborn by then!!!! She's due April 16th! We are all thinking it's a boy! She is a mere 128 lbs and looks like a flipping super model! Lol.
We cooked most of the recipes I've told her about for 2 years and sent them home with the recipes too! Hahaha. We laughed at the girls and how cute they are together and how different their personalities are! Shelby is very active, social, high strung and a lil Bizzy body ( she even lives up to my business name!) and Cambry is very laid back, easy going, rarely fusses and cries and plays well alone. They had a blast tho!!! Here's pics fr the week...


We love and miss u Nichole, Cambry and Chelsea!

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