Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Boy Bag

Getting to sew is always a privilege and when it's for a new baby on the way, it's even more special.  I don't get to sew as much anymore these days, since it requires more time than painting. 
Thanks Teddy & Donna for the amazing work again w/ embroidery! TSports :)

6 interior pockets big enough and tall enough for bottles, wipe cases, diapers, etc...
 The finished product turned out sooo cute! i've never done a navy and green bag before.  Boy Bags are always just as fun as girl bags. They're not frilly or glitzy but they're just as cute w/ stripes, chevron, dots, etc...

This will be the last time I can make wipe cases, unless I find some somewhere, because Huggies doesn't sell them anymore.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lovely Door hangers

I am a Phi Mu alumnae and our sorority symbol is the quatrefoil.

I've had plenty of practice making and drawing quatrafoils but last night's project by far is my favorite so far! I taught a painting class on making a quatrefoil door hanger. 

Our church has lady groups called Heart to Heart and we are divided up into several groups. Last night I taught this painting class to 3 of the groups, one being my own. 

Each lady did an excellent job, even though they were timid and uncertain they could do it. Each one was different and beautiful! Overall, it was awesome and so much fun!

I am selling these as well and they can be customized to whatever color(s), writing, initials, names, sayings, etc...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine sickness

Shelby and I were so excited for Valentine's Day! We prepped all week writing all 22 classmates a valentine, stuffing goodie bags, and making sure that the party would be a hit, as usual, in her class as homeroom mom.

 We also had 80's night at church on Wednesday for the Children's Ministry fundraiser where over $5,000 was raised! Shelby had a blast dressing up and singing!

 Shelby and I made Valentines for her dance teachers "You Dance My Socks Off With Your Love" attached to a rose-sock ! All our dancers wear pretty crazy socks with their shoes so it's appropriate :).
 We gave her teacher and teacher's assistant a box of chocolates w/ Owl's attached....

 Rhett even had valentines for his party...
Dinosaurs for each kid/baby

Our Valentine's Day consisted of a sickly little girl.  Shelby came home from school Thursday not herself.  She laid around, which is normal, but she was more tired than usual.  She also complained about her head hurting which is always an indication something is up.
which was true cause she had a temp that night of 100.5.  Only a headache and a temp., nothing else! this virus is going around all over the schools. At the kindergarten, it starts this way, then the next day they have a cough, then the next they start throwing up, and the list goes on so I WAS PARANOID! I oiled her down w/ peppermint, lavender, thieves and diffused it all next to her bed all night. I prayed she would wake up Friday and be herself again, but she was not. She was better, but still a low-grade fever....that meant telling her she had to stay home from her Valentine's Party at school.  She also had to dance at Miss SAU w/ her competition jazz team and attend her friend's skating party Friday night too.

Her sweet friend's mom brought all her class valentines she got to the house for her after the party. It brightened her day!

I took her to the dr. Friday morning and he ruled out flu, strep, and anything else. She had just a virus and he said for us to treat her symptoms and that it would just have to run its course.  He gave her permission to dance and attend the party if she was fever-free and felt good, and she was! She did so well and had a blast at the party and dancing!
(I apologize for the video.. i turned it mid video to get the whole group)

She had so much fun dancing and they all did so good! They're excited for their first competition coming up soon!
Immediately following the pageant we "skated off" to the skating party at the Rider Rink on campus.
Shelby wants to have a skating party soon!

Shelby was exhausted by the time we got home and slept all night. Her fever stayed away until about 1am when a low-grade came back and stayed til about 8am Saturday.  I woke up feeling pretty crappy on Saturday and it kept Josh from traveling so we all vegged-out at home all day.  Shelby is still recovering from the virus and still pretty tired. She's been battling a tummy ache the last couple days and I pray she's all better for school tomorrow. She will be heartbroken if she has to miss again.
Here's a funny little video of Rhett's new "Blink Blink" trick too. LOL..