Thursday, February 5, 2015

This week at the Kee's...

Life is so much fun with 2 kids. It's a challenge but a great one! I know these days are quickly flying by and so I'm trying to soak up each day with them that I can. Our lives are so busy but we always make time to laugh, play and be together as we do it all! There's always going to be work at the office, dishes to be cleaned, floors to vacuum up Lucky Charms and Puffs off of, counters to wipe off, socks to pair up, beds to be made, laundry to do, and calendars full of activities, but these babies and will not be little forever so this week, I've tried my best to not let it all go, but to let some of it "rest" more than usual and take the time to be WITH THEM.
These two are so funny when they play together. The "he's pulling my hair," and "Ouch! Rhett pinched me" has begun but then there's moments like this that make us forget the whining and crying..

All that over a magnet being thrown on the fridge. LOL....

Shelby is changing so much these days! She LOVES Kindergarten still and I'm so thankful for that! She's had a few bumps in the road w/ people messing with her and making fun of her but that's life and part of it (it still hurts this momma though). She has made so many friends and recently rotated tables and is now at the Red Table w/ the daughter of our friends. She doesn't meet a stranger and never has so she adjusts to change rather well, more than I do and ever will! She's made ALL A'S every report card this year, has perfect behavior, and is full of exciting things to talk about each day when I pick her up, my favorite part of the day!

She is writing her own sentences sooo well and reading so well too! I just had to share what she wrote me yesterday and said I had to answer and write my response. 
Her response to mine was, "well we live on a full ACORN and a 1/2 mom. That's plenty of space!" Lol... i guess my southern accent has confused her because ACORN and ACRE are two different things to me but sound the same to her. LOL....

Dance competition is coming up soon so I'm having to help Shelby practice more than usual, which is awesome and I love to do. Yes, we've had a few tears because she would rather play and watch a movie than practice tap and jazz 10x a day, but it's the commitment we made together and we fulfill our commitments. We may start with a couple tears but we always end up with smiles, giggles and lots of booty shaking, by usually everyone! She gets to perform her jazz dance with her teacher, Miss Randee Jo, who's also Miss SAU, as she "Passes the Reigns" down to the new Miss SAU next Friday. I can't wait to see them! She LOVES this dance! They're dancing to "Carwash". It's TOOOO CUTE!
Her tap dance is precious too! They're little brides dancing to "Going to the Chapel" and even though it's a cute, sweet dance, I still get the whole "Father of the Bride" moment and tear up. I know I will for sure when they're in their costumes as little brides! NOT READY FOR THAT!
This was tap and ballet last year... dang.... it wasn't even that long ago!! geese louise!!

this is my favorite dance pic of her. Thank you Angela for taking this

Onto the other baby...who's not much of a "baby" anymore...
He's a TOTAL MESS.. that's all I can say... Poor Shelby, Figaro and Max...

Rhett is growing by leaps and bounds! He had his well baby visit last friday and he's officially 20 lbs 13 oz and is 30" tall! He's right on track for weight but is in the 80th percentile for height! :) LOL.... He LOVES food now! He eats like crazy! He's also so much more animated! He's going to be walking soon I'm afraid. We taught him how to do the "touch down" movement (arms in the air) and to clap after and it's sooo funny! He's also started giving kisses! He's out growing EVERYTHING so we're gonna have to go shopping soon! I'm trying to hold off until the season changes but I don't know if that will happen or not! Rhett's also sleeping MUCH BETTER AT NIGHT! Praise the Lord! He rarely wakes at all now. He doesn't need a bottle during the night anymore since he's started eating so well! He now takes 3-4, 8oz bottles a day, at least 2 large containers of baby food, LOVES Veggie Straws, baby biscuits, puffs (sometimes! he likes to throw them on the floor more than eat these), french fries, anything we're eating really... He's going to be 11 MONTHS OLD on Saturday and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I'm so in love with this little man.

We are so blessed to have these amazing babies...I'll be 32 on Monday and never DREAMED my life could be this blessed!

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