Tuesday, February 10, 2015

11 months & 32 years

Well, Rhett turned 11 months on Saturday & I turned 32 yesterday...OUCH... since I was gone out of town I didn't get to take his picture so here's a make up on Bubby...He's now 20 lbs 13 oz, 30 " long! he loves to eat food now, almost ANY table foods, takes 4, 8oz bottles a day, sometimes one during the night. He loves balls, cars, trucks, "stuffies"(stuffed animals), and to antagonize the cat.  he has started picking on Shelby and he'll just giggle when she tells him No! He's the sweetest little man and has started to give me kisses and others sometimes.  He likes to point and clap his hands to music too. We are so blessed to have this big Bubby in our lives.  I don't remember life without him in our family!

My birthday was good.  I don't like to make a fuss about my birthday because I do not like turning older. I don't want to be any younger, but just stand still...lol.. however, it's better than the alternative.... :)  Shelby made me a special bday cake that was sooo yummy and make me a pretty sun catcher for the den window of an owl. Josh and the kids also surprised me w/ MY OWN iPad! I HAD an iPad but Sheebs confiscated it 3 years ago as her own and so I've been using my iPhone for all, which aided in the destruction of my iPhone 4 and the recent upgrade to my iPhone 6+. I LOOVE the size of it and get asked that all the time! I don't need my reading glasses for it and I don't feel cramped texting anymore :).  The iPad is sooo much nicer than my old one, which was THE VERY FIRST iPad existed...I was very surprised. Shelby wants me to find a cool case for it. haha....
another year older always hits hard but I am BEYOND blessed and thankful for the life God has given me and the amazing family and support system I have now :).
 Josh and I had an SAU Alumni event and baseball game in Dallas so he and 3 other friends of ours surprised me w/ a lovely cookie cake friday night at dinner at Maggianos.
 Shelby and Rhett had a blast with the grandparents! Shelby went to Mammy & PopPop's while Rhett was at our house with Gigi and Gramps. 

Love my new color and cut from Shear Illusions here in Magnolia and I DO Feel older....
So thankful to have another day on this earth w/ my family...

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