Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Boy Bag

Getting to sew is always a privilege and when it's for a new baby on the way, it's even more special.  I don't get to sew as much anymore these days, since it requires more time than painting. 
Thanks Teddy & Donna for the amazing work again w/ embroidery! TSports :)

6 interior pockets big enough and tall enough for bottles, wipe cases, diapers, etc...
 The finished product turned out sooo cute! i've never done a navy and green bag before.  Boy Bags are always just as fun as girl bags. They're not frilly or glitzy but they're just as cute w/ stripes, chevron, dots, etc...

This will be the last time I can make wipe cases, unless I find some somewhere, because Huggies doesn't sell them anymore.

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