Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snowpocalypse in SWArkansas 2015

Never thought my kids would see this much snow in Southwest Arkansas EVER...Shelby was stoaked and Rhett was confused and wasn't into it, mainly because he was sicky, Josh and I were....
happy for family time and terrified HOW MUCH family time we would get! was beautiful and fun to stay in pj's and "fat pants" for a week but we were all ready to get back to our schedules.
We had a blast playing with shelby in it and rhett was too sick to take a pic by himself sitting in it but we did get one of him :)

Meet shelby's interpretation of Olaf

Mammy took this pic..notice...I'm about to impale Josh w/ a "snowball" and I'm unaware of the "BOULDER" Shelby is about to get me with! LOL PRICELESS
This "Snowpocalypse" here in Southwest AR kept us out of school for 4.5 days!! It was a lot of snow for us, 5-8", but I know some deal with this all the time. I couldn't do this all winter like most!

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