Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sunny Days?? Please come again...

We have been without sun forever here in SW Arkansas and it's taking it's toll on everyone!!! Thankfullly, it appeared yesterday and today so the kids can have a little bit of light for spring break this week.  
This weather hasn't helped with Rhett. He's been sickly off and on and so I'm behind on blogging so I've gotta catch up!
First off, here's pics from Shelby's first Daddy/Daughter Banquet at CBC....
She was sooo excited for a date with her daddy. She bought a new dress, headband, purse and shoes just for him. She also chose his outfit too. He was equally as excited. I'm NOT READY for all this! She's tooooo grown.

yeap, there she is....

haha.. he had no idea she was doing her silly face

 Rhett and I had a PJ Party while daddy and sissy were at their banquet. 

  I helped Miss Kay at the church w/ decor for the banquet and it was sooo fun and turned out sooo cute! It was an Under the Sea theme...
Kay Watson MADE all these jellyfish! they were BEAUTIFUL!!

Our pastor's wife, Laurie, painted this BEAUTIFUL backdrop for pics!
Well, our week last week wasn't very good. Rhett was sickly again and started running fever off an on.  Since he had RSV in January, he's just not been well. Luckily the breathing treatments help and so does Benedryl and Zyrtec.  He had a follow up with his dr. last monday for when he had ear infections and a chest cold and was 100% fine but the next day, the fever and chest cold started all over again....
He got better by the end of the week after being quarantined all week and weekend w/ me, which caused me extreme anxiety and became stir-crazy!

 The signs of spring are here, even though the weather keeps going back and forth.... also saw that our pine trees are putting out the deadly yellow poison pods so I've been using YLEO Lavender essential oil in my water ALL DAY along w/ YLEO Orange oil to boost my vitamin C. I feel great!!!! Want some? follow the links :)
 This sweet face.... he's into it all and makes each day a new and exciting challenge.  He also has quite the temper. He's our 2nd strong-willed child, but in a COMPLETELY different way then shelby is!
 Amongst our quarantine, Shelby and I dyed eggs. These are cool plaster eggs that won't break and can be reused each year! Thank you Jessilu!

nothing but a rainbow fairy-horse-riding-girl hanging out watchin a movie

please dear Lord, let the rain stop so these babies can GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!
 So, rhett has the Kee Curly Hair, and I LOVE IT.... it gets really kinky after his bath. I also realized he really does look like his sissy....
Rhett1 year old
 Even at age 1, shelby had a love for horses.... even though this one didn't come home w/ us, she wanted to visit it quite often in At Woods when she was a baby. LOL....
Shelby 1 year old

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