Monday, October 17, 2016

#horseshowsissy did it again

This past week was full of work and chaos but ended so great....This weekend was great for us all.  Shelby had a show at Ruston Saturday and she was in A LOT of classes.  She did so great and we are so proud of her. She won her 3rd High Point Grand Championship in Limited 13 and Under and her 2nd Reserve Limited Grand Championship, which is all ages!  This was her 2nd show showing English and she WON 1st in Limited Hunter Under Saddle! She ended up winning 19 ribbons in all. Her trail class was a huge challenge with extreme difficulty. Through tears and determination, she finished 2nd but learned that you can't always win 1st in your favorite class.  She rode out sobbing because she was unable to execute the L side-pass, along w/ 90% of the competitors.  This weekend was great for her and really aided in her determination.
She is now eligible for the end of the season awards. She's got 1 show left before Color Breed Congress.
Rhett's first Panther game
 Family Dinner at our new favorite restaurant, The Smokin Bull in Emerson, AR.

Most handsome pup I know...

She chose her 2nd grade Picture Day ensemble...

 Picture day for our #horseshowsissy 2nd grader...

 Horse show day!!


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bizzy B's Palette

So I've taken off on a new journey and closed the door to an old one. I am a new Beauty Guide in Training for LimeLight by Alcone. I am waiting to get my kit in and product but until then, I'm reading, watching videos and LOVING EVERYTHING I'M SEEING AND HEARING! I am so incredibly excited to start this new, amazing journey.

LimeLight is a professional-grade makeup without the high price tag! One of my favorite this is how personal it is and how you can build your own palettes of colors, foundations, concealors, etc... LimeLight also offers a certified organic and Leaping Bunny amazing skincare line.  Seems too good to be true huh?

I thought so too until I took the leap of faith and closed the door to a cosmetic company I truly didn't believe in and that wasn't me. It's time to be me...
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