Monday, October 3, 2016


This past weekend we traveled to Brandon, Mississippi for shelby to compete in the Mississippi Paint Horse Club Paint-O-Rama American Paint Horse Association show. She had a blast! She made a new friend and caught up w/ a friend from before. THIS is what this is all about!  Shelby also competed in English classes for the first time and did well. She looked so cute in her outfit!
The pictures say a thousand words! OH and her showmanship outfit was debuted and it LOOKED SOO BEAUTIFUL ON HER! It was definitely worth all the long hours and tailoring Gigi had to do to get here!
She won 4, 1st place, a lot of 2nd and a lot of 3rd place. She rocked her trail class and did it perfectly! That video is below. We are so proud of her!!
We missed daddy and Bubby who had to stay home but we can't wait to show again in a couple weeks!

These girls were so fun to watch and ALL DID SOO WELL! It's so fun to see them ride together, even though they're actually competing against each other, and play and be kids. THIS is what it's about. She and her Alabama Show Sis and her South Louisiana Show Sis became quite the trio and were all sad to leave each other.
Shelby and Claire from AL

The Trio

Claire, Shelby and Blair

Her trail class that she did amazing in and won 3- 1st place and 1-2nd place:


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