Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Family love

Family is such a miraculous creation. God has truly showed out w/ our two little monkeys. Rhett is a vivacious little 2.5 yr old spitfire and learning and growing SOO FAST! Shelby surprises us every day with how she's becoming such a little lady and as shy as she can be, she knows who she is and owns it! I love this life! Josh and I are extremely blessed and praise God every day for our little people we are given to love and care for while on this earth.
I'm looking forward to Labor Day weekend w/ family and no obligations.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#horseshowsissy went to Texas

Shelby, aka #horseshowsissy, competed in Sulphur Springs Saturday and did so well. It was a very rainy day and rained most of the day but that made for a cool and pleasant temp.  Good thing she competes in covered arenas :)
She had a great surprise also. My brother and sister in law, Uncle Bear and Aunt Jessilu, came and surprised her and watched her compete most of the day. They have never seen her ride and have never met Hershey. Needless to say, they were impressed. :) She ended up coming home w/ 6-1st place ribbons, 2-2nd place ribbons and 1-6th place ribbon!!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Job

So I started a new job Monday as the Social Media Coordinator for SAU. I've worked part-time as a graphic designer for SAU for about 6 years so this was a huge decision and promotion. I have my own office, which I've never had.  I'm still in the same department and same office staff so there's not that awkward transition period to get to know everyone.
A few of my office pics..
this has been fun to decorate!
my parents sent me these BEAUTIFUL flowers

my pretty little owl w/ my little air plant :) I've moved it since then...

"Thinking nook"  LOVE IT...

my seashells and air plant have a home

 I need a BIG piece of artwork on the's MUCH bigger than this pic.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2nd Grader

We cannot believe we have a 2nd grader! Shelby was so nervous and anxious about meeting her teacher and her 1st day of school. Her teacher is an amazing lady and a preacher's wife! Her room is a Space theme and she loves it! Shelby was sad her friends aren't in her class but she's quickly making more and said she will meet up w/ the rest of her friends at recess, if they ever get one because of all this rain.
She wanted the same backpack and lunchbox so I ordered the same one, since hers was ratty and the buckles were broken, and had her name monogrammed by Story's on the Square.

 A lazy playtime Saturday before school started Monday...

with all this rain, this has been goin on since Sunday...

I also started a new job Monday too! More about that later...