Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unbearable pain...

Well, my hubby & my lil brother celebrated their birthday's on thursday, the 24th. Josh turned 30 & Jonathan turned 23. My grandpa also was admitted to the hospital again on thursday also. He was having extreme stomach pains and turns out it was a small bowel obstruction and they could not do surgery b/c of his history and numerous surgeries and his age, 92. They finally got him calm enough he went to sleep. The nurses went in at 2am friday a.m. (yesterday) to check on him and his heart had just stopped and he stopped breathing sometime during his sleep. He died in no pain at all.
Mom called us at 2:45am and told us and i lost it. I took off work and drove down here to be w/ mom yesterday and i'm goin back home today. i helped w/ arrangements and all and cherish doing this w/ mom forever now...
my heart hurts soo much knowing i'll never hear my grandpa's voice or see him again until i'm w/ him in Glory. He was mine and i was his.
I love you grandpa... please pray for us. the service is Monday, 10 am graveside, 11 am celebration service.
this is my grandpa at Christmas in 2006. I have a recent pic somewhere of him and Shelby when she was 2 weeks old but i am so scattered i cannot think where it is..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New direction...

So, I've been thinking and praying a lot lately for the guidance from God in the direction He wants Bizzy Bs to go. I've been really struggling with the realization that I cannot do everything I could do "pre-Shelby" and not to give up but to "re-evaluate & re-organize." SO, FOR NOW, I feel like my main creativity will be spent w/ Shelby and what I can get done, I'll get done. So, if you want a bag or outfit, I will still make them and take orders, but I'm not gonna mass-produce anymore and sew up new ideas and try to market them, unless it's just too good to pass up, b/c I simply don't have the time or hours in the day. However, I've found I can make hairbows and wipee case covers w/ Shelby in-arms so I can do lots of those! It's tough for me to admit and realize that I will not be able to sew when I "feel like it" but, I'd rather be there all I can for my little Toodapot than push her off on someone else so I can do what "I want." It's not about me anymore....
Oh, every pic you see of Shelby w/ a bow on, I've made so she'll be my little model! LOL... My mom made her pink flower and the white daisy is from a friend. Those are simple though so I'll be making those soon too! Shelby has to have a bow to match every outfit so be prepared to see some new ones b/c she got new outfits this weekend for Halloween! Even though I do not believe nor support the idea of Halloween, we always dressed up as kids and went trick-or-treating and to the church fellowship so that's what our little one will do also. It's about fun, not being scary or creepy! Oh, and Shelby is gonna be a moo cow! I can't wait for it to come in! I'll take pics for sure!
~God bless,

Friday, September 18, 2009

14 weeks old today

Just wanted to show you how happy Shelby is on her 14 week old birthday today!
Have a great weekend!
~God bless,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 months old...

Well, I've not got a lot of time to write a lot but I did want to show you the latest pics of our precious Toodapot! She turned 3 months old Saturday, which was also my lil brother's wedding day in Dallas! Still waitin on pics from that but it was gorgeous and the most personal and special wedding I've ever seen and been apart of! Congrats kids!
Well, I hope you all have a great week and I'll TRY to blog more is nuts w/ a 3 month old, a full-time job, a side business starting back up, and just life in general! LOL..but I know you all understand!
Here's Toodapot!
On the way to Dallas on my 3 month birthday!

I just love My Seahorse!

I held my bottle all by myself, well w/ a little help from daddy!

After a long day playing w/ the big kids at Ms. Minnas yesterday, this is what I did...napped on my favorite fella!

DO YOU SEE THE RED HAIR!!! It's falling out but coming in more red I think AND HOPE!
~God bless,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New and Well

Well first of all, Shelby is 100% BETTER! She was switched to a Lactose-free, Milk-based formula (Similac Sensitive) and it's doing wonders!!! If anyone has coupons for this, I would greatly appreciate it! :) This formula is A LOT more expensive than the Parents Choice Soy she was on. There is a Parents Choice type of formula that is compared to Similac Sensitive so we may get it. I had to stay home w/ the poor baby half a day Wed. and all day Thursday and I think that helped her TREMENDOUSLY! She started this "I want mommy ONLY" thing when she's sick or fussy...She loves to play w/ daddy and others but when she's tired, sick or fussy, she wants her mommy. I'm sleepin w/ one of her blankies to get my "scent" all over it for her to have when I'm not around and she has these "episodes." we'll see if it works! LOL...
Well, I FINALLY took new pics of the Bizzy Bs product, Baby bedding. My first attempt at this went VERY WELL! I made Shelby's cradle bumper the day before we left for the hospital and it turned out beautifully so since it didn't take much time and turned out to be really easy and beautiful, I decided to add it to my product list!

God bless,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

poor baby

well, obviously I'm not at work today.... I was but had to take off at lunch b/c Shelby is sick, still. She's had stomach "issues" since saturday and it's not been pretty but today was the first day she acted like she felt bad. We took her to the dr. AGAIN to see what was up (she went monday and was told it could be bacterial and we were told today it's She has an irritated bowel, so we found out, and is just gonna have to run it's course...she's on a different formula also and pedialyte. Who knew that Soy formula isn't lactose free!!?? The dr said, "Switch her to lactose, milk-free soy formula." I had no idea that soy formula has lactose and milk in it... so far she's had one of the lactose-free bottles, did well, slept and had a runny diaper and then had her first pedialyte bottle and drank ALL OF IT so now she's napping. I just pray this is over soon. She's had this "issue" since saturday, no fever, not acting sick till today, nothing... it all, to me, points to her being allergic to the soy formula or maybe the lactose soy I DON'T KNOW...LOL.. I feel soo helpless!!
just pray for my baby shelby and for us to not lose our minds. lol...if she's not better by friday, i'm calling and asking if her being allergic to her soy formula is the cause b/c ALL HER SYMPTOMS point to that.. anyhoo..
~God bless,