Wednesday, September 2, 2009

poor baby

well, obviously I'm not at work today.... I was but had to take off at lunch b/c Shelby is sick, still. She's had stomach "issues" since saturday and it's not been pretty but today was the first day she acted like she felt bad. We took her to the dr. AGAIN to see what was up (she went monday and was told it could be bacterial and we were told today it's She has an irritated bowel, so we found out, and is just gonna have to run it's course...she's on a different formula also and pedialyte. Who knew that Soy formula isn't lactose free!!?? The dr said, "Switch her to lactose, milk-free soy formula." I had no idea that soy formula has lactose and milk in it... so far she's had one of the lactose-free bottles, did well, slept and had a runny diaper and then had her first pedialyte bottle and drank ALL OF IT so now she's napping. I just pray this is over soon. She's had this "issue" since saturday, no fever, not acting sick till today, nothing... it all, to me, points to her being allergic to the soy formula or maybe the lactose soy I DON'T KNOW...LOL.. I feel soo helpless!!
just pray for my baby shelby and for us to not lose our minds. lol...if she's not better by friday, i'm calling and asking if her being allergic to her soy formula is the cause b/c ALL HER SYMPTOMS point to that.. anyhoo..
~God bless,


jill said...

good luck, mom! sicky babies and upset tummies are NO fun. poor shelby!!!

The Smith Family said...

Sick babies are no fun. I'm sorry!
I have to say though, that I LOVE the slide show! So fun. Shelby is so adorable.
Hope everything starts working better for you. Good luck, and god bless.

Kecia said...

We are praying!Hope she is better now!

We love you in Christ!